Nancy Grace 'DWTS' Weight Loss Should Have Happened Sooner (VIDEO)


nancy grace dancing with the stars weight loss
Nancy Grace and her DWTS partner Tristan MacManus
Every celebrity knows that going on Dancing With the Stars means there's potential for stellar weight loss. Remember Kirstie Alley's and Kelly Osbourne's crazy body transformations? Seems like Nancy Grace is the latest looker of Season 13.
I loved getting to see a less aggressive, fun side of her on the show! The TV commentator and recently eliminated contestant says her 25-pound weight loss "happened completely by accident," and she plans to keep the pounds off. Last week, Grace spoke with Anderson Cooper about her new bod:

"Yes I am [going to keep my weight down] because I know it's more healthy. You know my dad's a heart patient ... so I do want to."

Kudos, Nancy! I'm happy for you! However, I can't get over the idea that you have two young children and a father with a heart condition, and are just now realizing that losing a few pounds was good idea.

I'm not saying that being on the heavier side means you're going to die a horrible, wretched death. But for a woman in Grace's shoes, having a healthy BMI and weight could be vital. Since Grace has a family history of heart disease, she's already at a much greater risk of developing coronary issues. If she's not so worried for herself, at least she should be concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for her kids' sake. If I were her, I'd be thanking my lucky stars for the eye-opening experience DWTS has been for her.

On the upside -- what's done is done. Grace seems to understand the significance of keeping fit, and she's found an easy way to do it. Losing just 5 to 10 percent of your overall body weight can produce major benefits, like improving your blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol. Nancy has surpassed that. The important thing for the 52-year-old will be managing her diet and exercise regimen now that she's not dancing eight hours a day.

Watch Grace talk about losing the weight on Anderson:

Do you think Nancy Grace will keep her weight down?

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tuffy... tuffymama

I hope she keeps her weight in check, for the sake of her kids. It's so easy to let one thing slide when we're so consumed with life, family, home, work, friends, etc. For me, it's friend relationships :-( Apparently that one thing for Nancy is exercise and nutrition. It's hard to keep it all going, all the time.

Chels... Chelsea880

You don't need to be so snarky. As a person who had until recently, spent my whole life as an overweight person, let me assure you that Nancy Grace did not have "an eye opening experience." She knew she was overweight. Do you really think that she would look in the mirror every day and not know? It really bothers me when people think that an overweight person needs to be told that they are fat. Trust me when I say.... they know.

When I was younger, women always told me I needed to lose a few pounds. Or would just say flat out, "your fat!" I would respond with, "REALLY?! OMG! It's all becoming clear! That's why my clothes say XL on them! You solved the mystery!!!!" Yeah, I knew. Now leave her alone, and stop preaching about what she should have done before now! She did it. She looks great! Go Nancy! I know how hard it is!

Maureen Moser

Nancy, Please try your hardest to keep the weight off.  You have two adorable children who really need a great, loving and caring mother.  Also, it was so great seing the other side of that prosecuter.  I really love you personality and your love of people.

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