Will Mariah Carey Be Able to Keep Her Lost Baby Weight Off?


mariah carey jenny craigMariah Carey is the latest glowing face of excellent, healthy, not-bad, very good weight loss. Six months ago she gave birth to twins, and since July, she's lost 30 pounds. She says she did it eating 1,500 calories a day and exercising three times a week. No insane numbers here. She's slim, but not were-you-ever-even-pregnant Miranda Kerr skinny.  As a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, Mariah makes the weight-management program look good.

BUT WILL SHE KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF? Dun dun dun! Recall that fictional letter Kirstie Alley "wrote" to Carrie Fisher a while back. "Turns out, those little teeny-weeny meals Jenny is supplying you with now will eventually slow down your metabolism." Okay, Kirstie didn't actually say that, but we're all haunted by the memories of Kirstie's post-Jenny Craig weight gain.

Yikes. Back to Mariah: She lost 30 pounds in 3 months, which sounds like a reasonable pace -- presumably she lost around 10 pounds a month. (She lost a lot of water weight before she started with Jenny Craig.) That's still a little fast -- doctors recommend 1-2 pounds a week, which means 4-8 pounds a month.

But listen to what Mariah is saying about her weight loss. She's making it about improving her overall health -- and inspiring her fans to take care of their health, too. At her press conference Wednesday, she said, "Today I want to use my voice to draw attention to a serious matter. Two-thirds of the country is placing themselves at risk for heart disease and diabetes. Largely, that is due to unhealthy eating patterns and lack of physical activity." I like that! When was the last time you heard a celebrity who just lost weight talking about HEALTH?

If that statement truly reflects her attitude (and she's relaxed about her body image), then she stands a much better chance of keeping the weight off -- not because she stays on any specific weight-loss plan, but because she's making long-term lifestyle changes that put the focus on good health. 

What do you think about Mariah's approach to weight-loss?


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aaf237 aaf237

Yes, she looks nice 6 months after having twins.  BUT there is no way in HELL she is a size 6.  Like Kirstie Alley was a size 6 when she weighed 180lbs?  Do these stars think we are dumb!?

GlowW... GlowWorm889

I think a better headline for this article is "Will Mariah Carey Be Able To Get Over the Eating Disorder That Will Surely Develop After Reading Online News About Her Baby Weight?" The woman had twins. Get off her back.

daerc... daerca574

I think she looks amazing!

Krist... KristinRox

I think its a sensible way to lose weight. Shes eating healthy, and shes exercising. Sounds good to me. 

KaroG... KaroGreenly

If she is making healthier decisions overall, she needs to be applauded, not critiqued. These healthy decisions, if they continue, will also benefit her children.

JHanc968 JHanc968

She looks amazing

Jeric... Jerichos_Mommy

She looks great and I love that she did nothing crazy.

aneela aneela

go momma...do your thing!

nonmember avatar Pablo

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