Nudists in San Francisco Pose a Public Health Hazard

golden gate bridgeDid you know public nudity is allowed in San Francisco? Don't all rush over there right now. I myself have never witnessed anyone flaunting their natural glory there probably because I've only been there in the summer when the average temperature is shrink-your-man-parts-degrees outside. But apparently public nudity is popular enough -- especially in the Castro District -- that's it's starting to pose a public health hazard.

Think about it. People with no undies on. Sitting on park benches. Hanging out at restaurants and bars. Riding carousel horses. Kind of makes you want to bring a stack of paper toilet set covers, doesn't it?


Yes it does! In the past few years, public nudity in San Francisco has become so popular that people are starting to complain -- not so much about the moral implications, of course. This is uber-liberal San Francisco we're talking about. No, people are concerned about the health and hygeine implications of bare buttocks plunking their funky selves just anywhere.

It reminds me of that Sex and the City episode when Charlotte watches as her new boyfriend, Harry, wanders around the kitchen nude and then sits down on one of her pristine white chairs. Ewww! The kitchen bit bothers me almost more than the white chair!

As Supervisor Scott Weiner told the LA Times, "If you're going to be naked in public, and you're going to sit down on public seating, you should cover the seating up. We shouldn't have to legislate about that, but we do .... It's about basic public health." He has introduced a city ordinance requiring naturalists to cover up anything they sit on, and also requires that people wear clothing to dine at restaurants.

Oh nakedness, you are the most natural thing in the world. But when it comes to sharing space with other people, you make us so very nervous.

Do you think public nudity is unhygienic?


Image via zoonabar/Flickr

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