Bra Memorial for Breast Cancer Burned by Cruel Vandals

brasGuess we just have to face it ... bra-burning isn't what it used to be! Ha, yes, that's my lame attempt to lighten up an incident that truly is as terrible as it is eye-rollingly ridiculous. A "bra-morial" display at the Western Kentucky Diagnostic Imaging Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky -- which was put up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- has been vandalized and sent up in flames. This upsetting event transpired after the Imaging Center had earned an amazing $30,000 last month for the pink cause.

No one involved with the memorial thinks it was some kid playing a prank. There has obviously been disapproval of it, and the local news even referred to it as "controversial." Uh ... you'd think by now, with Breast Cancer Awareness Month being the national phenomenon that it is, we'd be okay with something as completely harmless as a memorial made from bras.


At this point, given how common it is to see TV commercials, blog posts, T-shirts, etc. sporting the pink ribbon, possibly the silhouette of a woman's chest, all different images related to the disease, I thought that what we really had to worry about at this point was complacency about breast cancer. NOT aggressive behavior like this vandalism incident. Sheesh!

The fact of the matter is that breast cancer strikes women every year. BCA Month gives women who are battling or have battled the disease an opportunity to raise their voices and express themselves, to lend their support to others in the same boat. One Bowling Green woman who works for the Imaging Center explained her feelings on the bra-morial:

There's always gonna be somebody that has a negative comment about it, but if you've not been touched by cancer, then some people just don't understand what it's like. But if this just helps save one person, it's well worth it.

That's why in the long run, incidents like this are like sticks and stones. They could never hurt the cause. Women will keep on fighting the good fight against the disease, keep putting themselves out there and honoring others who do the same. It's 2011. No one should be threatened into being ashamed of their breasts, of their BRAS, or of battling a life-altering disease.

What do you think about this vandalism incident?


Image via How Can I Recycle This/Flickr

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