Obama’s Doctor Gives Us News Worth Celebrating

President ObamaPhew! President Obama's physician (or the "first doctor," as he's sometimes cutely dubbed) released the results of the Commander in Chief's annual physical exam the other day.

The doctor not only gave Obama a clean bill of health -- saying he is a fit and healthy 50-year-old who eats a nice balanced diet, exercises regularly, and drinks alcohol only occasionally -- but he also dropped the welcome bombshell that, despite lingering rumors to the contrary, the POTUS is smoke-free.

Yep, Obama, a longtime cigarette smoker, finally seems to have ditched his unpleasant, unhealthy tobacco habit -- at least for now. And what a relief that is to us all.


When I learned -- way back during the 2008 campaign -- that Obama was a smoker, I have to say, it made me wonder about his judgment a bit. I know smoking is an addiction, and back when Obama first picked up the habit, we probably didn't know quite as much about the damage it causes as we do today.

But at this point, doesn't it kind of feel like even longtime smokers who continue to smoke -- let alone young smokers just picking it up -- have what really seems like a death wish? Between the brutal commercials and the graphic pack labels and the frightening studies and the case upon case of people who die from smoking-related diseases, it seems like there are more than enough prompts to find the willpower somehow, somewhere, to stop.

And also, if you're a parent of young children (and the leader of the country), don't you kind of owe it to them (and to us all) to reach for the ol' nicotine patch, or gum, or however people quit nowadays?

In any case, it's welcome news that the president has managed to ditch the cigs. Here's hoping he keeps it up.

Are you relieved to hear that President Obama has quit smoking?


Image via ProgressOhio/Flickr

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