5 Tricks for Getting Shut-Eye in the 10 Most Sleep-Deprived Cities

sleep deprived womanDid you know there are certain places with more walking zombies than others? No, I'm not just talking about Halloween haunted houses here. The mattress company Sleepy's recently did some research and came up with the 10 most sleep-deprived cities. And let me just say, now it makes sense why a lot of people in New York City are a tad bit grumpy early in the morning!

Ready for the results? The most exhausted city in the U.S. is Detroit. The others include (in order from most tired to least): Birmingham, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, New York, Cincinnati, Louisville, Raleigh, Columbus, and Boston.

To be honest, the list doesn't surprise me too much. These are cities we're talking about here -- they're always bustling! But if you live in one of these places, it definitely doesn't mean you don't deserve some solid shut-eye. Check out these 5 tips for a good night's sleep:


1. Invest in your sleep space. It's important to be comfortable when you retire for the day. Make sure you have a quality, comfortable mattress that you enjoy getting into, and cozy pillows to snuggle against when the time comes to lie down. Splurging on a great comforter and sheets can't hurt either. Hey, it's all in the name of better sleep!

2. Turn off the technology. I'm guilty of this, too. I get into bed and do one last look at Facebook and Twitter on my iPhone before signing off for the night and drifting off to Dreamland. But studies have shown that using gadgets like TVs, cellphones, and video games right before bedtime can disrupt the onset of sleep.

3. Eat right. Eating before bed can keep you up and interfere with your sleep. No one likes to lie down when they're super stuffed! But there are foods that can help you get your zzz's -- including pumpkin, almonds, eggs, peaches, potatoes, and oats.

4. Skip out on the afternoon nap. I'm a horrible napper. I have such a hard time putting aside everything I have to get done and just relaxing! But what I have noticed from my personal experience is that on the days I do nap, going to bed that night becomes very difficult. Skip out on the afternoon snooze, and you'll look forward to hitting the sheets at night that much more. Trust me!

5. Use your bed for sleep only! Okay, sex too. It's important to associate your sleep space with resting. If you do other things in bed like work or watch TV, you won't feel the need to lie down and relax when you come back to bed at the end of the day.

Keeping these tips in mind, there's nothing that would stop me from moving to one of the "most sleep-deprived cities." There are too many pros about The Big Apple (and other spots on the list too!) to keep me away.

Do you live in one of America's most sleep-deprived cities? What do you do to ensure a good night's rest?


Image via WarmSleepy/Flickr

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