Women Shouldn't Need Mammogram Parties to Care About Their Breasts

women attend mammogram party joliet saint joseph'sBreast Cancer Awareness Month may be winding down, but personal breast cancer awareness continues on 24/7/365, and one medical center outside Chicago wants women to know that. In their effort to encourage women to go get their annual mammogram, they've gone so far as to invite women to a party ... a mammogram party. Supposedly, it's a new trend! The thought is that packaging the screening process as a social, fun experience will comfort women who are nervous about having a mammo.

The Joliet, Illinois medical center has been hosting the lady-bonding parties about once a month for the past year, and they make a point to seek out women who have been putting off the test ... which is definitely admirable. Still, I can't help but roll my eyes a bit.


Is this really what it takes to get some women to take their health into their own hands? To take the initiative and step up to the plate to prioritize breast cancer prevention? Pink feathered boas, champagne cocktails, manicures, and massages? It all strikes me as slightly patronizing. And I'm a little discouraged by the fact that there are actually women out there who do put the screening off, for whatever reason, and it takes this kind of teeth-pulling or bribery (or however you want to see it) to get them to take care of themselves. 

On the other hand, yeah, I like the idea that it brings women together in a sort of Kumbaya, "Sisterhood of the Ya-Ya Mammogram" way. If it's getting more women to line up for ta ta-squashing that will save their lives, then of course there's nothing wrong with it. I just hope that these women who have waited years to go for the screening, who are using their busy schedules as an excuse, realize they don't need a party to take care of themselves.

What do you think about "mammogram parties"?


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