I Went to a Psychic & She Predicted My Future

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I have always had a healthy skepticism about spiritual matters. Still, I always try to remain open to the idea of a sixth sense. If millions of people around the world can believe in God and any kind of spirituality, then why can't we also believe that there is something inside some of us that is highly intuitive and open to the possibility of seeing the future? This is the mindset I went into when I had a psychic reading with psychic to the stars, Jusstine Kenzer.

It was a pretty incredible experience and not because Jusstine broke out the crystal ball, rolled her eyes back in her head, and channeled my dead cat as per Hollywood cliche. In fact, it was a much more calming, healing, and relaxing experience. It wasn't at all frightening (contrary to this post's Halloween theme). Most of all, it was insightful, healing, and dead on.


Jusstine is based in LA and I am on the opposite coast, so we did our session over the phone, which was just as good as in person (maybe even better because I felt more free to discuss personal things). I had a list of questions for Jusstine and we went through each.

Most of my questions -- as with many women I presume -- were about family, though some were about work. Will I have a third baby? Will I finish my novel and see it published? Why am I feuding with a couple of my relatives? Are my husband and I in it for life?

When my questions were about others, she asked only that I say their names. Then she could tune into her vibrations. Since I have had enormous amounts of trouble with one side of my family, I asked a bit about them.

For instance, with one cousin who did horrible things to me, she had a strong reading of being out of balance, a true sadness, and a deep, deep envy of me that would be nearly impossible for me to overcome. These are things I already knew, but her characterization of this person was so dead on, I don't doubt its validity for a moment.

Though she didn't say, "You will never speak to this cousin again," it was clear that her energy was so bad, there would likely be no point.

She did the same thing with other family members, too. It was amazing to hear her insights and to be able to have some understanding of why people do the cruel (and somewhat inexplicable) things they do.

Unlike "psychics" in pop culture, she didn't channel the dead or tell me how many children I would have (though she did say there is a male spirit that would like to be born to me and my husband, but she doubts we will choose to take it). "It's more no than yes. To me, it looks like you are kind of wrapping that part of your life up." But she also stressed that we have free will and that we make our own choices.

To believe in traditional "psychics," it may seem like one has to believe that things are set in stone. That isn't how it works, though. There is free will and we can make the choice to do something or not do something. Kenzer communicates with our spirit guides, but doesn't say definitively that something will happen or it won't.

Here are some other things I learned:

  • My daughter: She was a strong person in a past life and was more tied to my husband than to myself karmically. She will be very high-maintenance and hard to manage.
  • My son: He is tied to both my husband and me. "There is a Leo energy around him," she said (he was born August 2).
  • My husband: We are tied together in our past and we are astrologically aligned, but we've both been fighting with people in our pasts and that has led to fighting now.

As far as my future, I have free will. But a third kid looks unlikely and I will complete my novel and have it published by the time I am 37. Sounds good to me.

The most striking part of my conversation with Kenzer wasn't even her insights into my future (though that was fascinating), it was the insight into my present. After it was all over, we did a healing to clear the mental clutter. It was amazingly cleansing and I have felt much more focused and centered since. She also gave me a mantra to help me improve my relations with my husband.

If you are even a little curious, Kenzer is the person to see. She has offered her healing CD to the first five commenters free and at a special rate after that for those who mention CafeMom. My reading was a gift for The Stir, but I would have happily paid for it. She is amazing.

What would you ask if you could know something about your future?


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