Cell Phones Don't Cause Cancer ... Except in Our Minds

radiationWhat's the deal? Are cellphones bad for our health or what?

Earlier this month, as experts gathered to discuss possible health threats from wireless technology on Capitol Hill, signs seemed to point to yes. Radiation from cellphones (not to mention baby monitors, cellular phone towers, cordless phones) is likely a health threat, at least one expert who spoke at the summit maintained.

But a large new study out of Denmark waves away those fears. Confirming previous findings, researchers have concluded that, no, at the very least, cellphone use does not appear to be linked to cancer, at least not in any significant way.

Um ... thanks for the clarity?


Look, of course it's comforting to hear (as we have heard before, when we aren't being told just the opposite) that our brains are probably not being zapped into a cancerous mess by our smartphones every time we settle in for a chat with our pals.

I don't know, though. Maybe I'm naturally skeptical, but I can't quite help feeling just a little uneasy after talking on my cellphone for extended periods of time. (No, I don't have one of those wireless ear thingies; I think they make people look like they're talking to themselves ... kind of crazy.)

How often are we told something is perfectly, completely, utterly safe (don't be silly! Nothing to fear at all!) only to find out, sometimes years or decades later, that actually, no, that thing is a recipe for total health disaster? And how do we know this isn't one of those times?

Do you worry about how cellphone use might affect your health?


Image via Beige Alert/Flickr

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