Don't Try Olivia Munn's Drunken Workout at Home

olivia munnIt's usually pointless for us regular ladies to even attempt to mimic celebrities' insanely rigorous workouts, so it's refreshing to hear that Olivia Munn's regimen sounds doable. But you probably wouldn't want to do it. The actress/comedian says she isn't the outdoorsy type, like her friends who go hiking up Runyon Canyon in L.A. Instead, she uses her Kinect Xbox video game system and says, "I really do drink when I work out. I have to trick myself into thinking I'm doing something fun."  

Uh ... huh. Oookay. Now, being that Olivia is known to be a funny lady, maybe this is meant to be taken with a grain of salt? But then she went on to describe, in detail, her "drunk workouts," and it definitely sounds believable ...


She says she pours a few drinks -- margaritas, most likely -- puts on the XBox, and gets crazy with friends.

I came up with this ... dance routine. It's a 45-minute play list which I do three to four times a week with my girlfriends. ... We just keep moving and the dances always have a female empowerment theme. One is called, "My boyfriend just walked in." So the music will be playing and you will be dancing casually and all of a sudden you see him and you get crazy and you dance your ass off.

Haaah! OK, I could see that being a LOT of fun! But come on, now, pre-gaming beforehand?! Totally an unnecessary element here. Getting all crazy and dancing around in the comfort of your own home really is a great aerobic workout -- I've known friends to actually do that as their only workout and get fit fast -- but duh, you'd totally override any fat-burning benefit by guzzling cocktails at the same time.

In my single days, I used to go to clubs all the time, because I love to dance. There were nights I was definitely a few drinks in, doing my own version of Olivia's "female empowerment dance workout." But did I ever for a moment think I was really burning serious calories and could consider that my fitness quota for the day? Helllll NO! Everyone knows boozing is totally self-defeating to any kind of workout -- even the ones you do earlier in the day before you party.

I definitely appreciate the message Olivia's spreading about trying to find a workout you love and enjoy so much that it doesn't feel like, well, WORK. But you shouldn't have to TRICK yourself (by drinking calorie-packed cocktails!) into believing your workout is fun -- it simply should be

What do you think about Olivia's "workout"? What type of exercise is so fun that it makes you forget you're working out?


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