Supermodel Christy Turlington Feeds Our Fear of Carbs

christy turlingtonWith the grand downward spiral of overeating holidays coming up, it's always a comfort to hear that we aren't alone in our love of dishes like, oh, I don't know ... cookies, cake, bread, pasta, etc. You know, CARBS! That amazing, delicious food group that abounds from Halloween through Super Bowl Sunday ... maybe even Valentine's Day, but which we tend to regard as a total, or at least semi, "no-no" if we're at all weight-conscious. Well, guess what, it's time to rejoice and feel better about yourselves, ladies, because guess who else loves carbs as much as we do? Christy Turlington! Well, then again ... she is training for the New York Marathon.

She and nine friends and supporters are running to raise awareness for Turlington's organization, Every Mother Counts -- and she's already raised $70K! Wowza! But she's actually just as (or shh ... maybe even a bit more) excited about something else ...


That's what and how much she gets to EAT in preparation for the race. She said:

One thing you have to do is carb-loading. That is something I had always heard about but never really knew what it involved. It’s kind of nice to say you have to eat carbs. That’s my job right now.

Groan. See, this is just proof of what's totally off when it comes to the relationship so many women have with food. Yeah, I know Christy is an extreme example, because she is a model, but it's not all that bizarre for any woman to make a self-deprecating comment or give a grand excuse when she's about to order a pasta dish or dig into the bread basket before a meal. Or ... the reverse: Bragging that we've skipped carbs for XYZ amount of time, that we passed up the cookies at that party, that we've sworn off of "white foods." 

Bahhh! Atkins really did a number on all of us, huh? We are so irrationally freaked out by carbs! And complex carbs are a crucial food group.

It's so sad how we feel like we have to make excuses to enjoy them ... "Oh, well. It's the Sabbath, gotta have challah!" "It's Christmas, can't pass up the Christmas cookies!" "Just got dumped, gonna go stuff my face with ravioli!" You know. I know trigger foods tend to be carbs for a lot of people, but that's no reason to swear off of them completely ... but if we didn't think carbs were the devil, maybe we could simply enjoy them in moderation.

What's your relationship with carbs like?


Image via Andy Kropa/Getty 

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