Training With Pro Athletes Could Save Mom With Leukemia (VIDEO)

jesse olinger Olinger video chatting with his momWhat if I told you that entering to win a raffle to train with professional athletes could save someone's life? Would you buy a ticket or two? Jesse Olinger of Miami hopes the answer is yes.

Olinger's mother was recently diagnosed with leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. As a professional athletic trainer, he came up with the idea to raffle off a week of V.I.P training to one lucky winner, who will also receive a five-night trip to the Sole Ocean Resort and Spa in Sunny Isles. His fundraising goal? $5,000. My guess is when people find out how awesome of a cause this is, the $25 tickets will go pretty fast.

Of course, it's a touching story.  I pray that he gets the money he needs and his mother makes it out of this all right. But for just a second, let's talk about the awesome prize. Can you even imagine working out with professional athletes for a whole week?! My quads feel sore just thinking about it ...


Olinger's right, this is "like fantasy camp for fitness buffs." Professional athletes train at a higher level than I even know how to dignify with words. We're talking high-intensity cardio followed by strength training like none of us have ever seen before. Just watching those guys pull the weights across the field makes me sweat! To be working out at that optimal level for a week on end would be absolutely draining, but the payoff would be unreal.

Not to mention, the wealth of knowledge you'd gain from Olinger and his team makes this experience golden. I don't know about you, but at my local gym, my $10/ month membership fee doesn't exactly snag me the best access to personal trainers who know how to whip my rear into gear. But working with professionals who are known for getting athletes in tip-top shape would mean actually learning how to target those outer thighs and tone up that tummy.

Imagine knowing that you helped benefit a great cause while enjoying the workout of your life. I know, I get chills too. If you ask me, it sounds like a win-win opportunity for all!

Would you hop at the chance to train with the pros?


Image via WCSH6

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