Jessica Alba Fights Ridiculous Post-Baby Weight Lies

jessica albaAs soon as a celebrity has a baby, they're under the microscope for signs of postpartum weight loss. Jessica Alba's no stranger to this phenomenon, having had two babies in the public eye now. As far as we should all be concerned, she looks AMAZING. (Even if she herself gripes that her body has changed.) I'm SURE she's used to all the attention paid to her weight by now, but when a product is falsely advertised as being the secret behind her slim post-baby shape, she's not going to just roll over and take it. 

A company that makes something called The Belly Bandit (a post-pregnancy weight loss gimmick gadget that you supposedly wrap your tummy in and it compresses your fat away) claimed their product was "Jessica Alba's #2 Secret for a Fast Post Pregnancy Slimdown!" and used her photo under their Celebrity Testimonials web page. Jessica is now suing their asses for $1 million in damages and a cut of the profit!



It's bad enough that we're totally obsessed in a completely unhealthy way with celebs' weight. Their warp speed post-baby weight loss can give us such a skewed perspective on what's normal and achievable. But then a company like this tries to make it like all you need to do is use their "abdominal compression wrap" (JUST LIKE JESSICA!), and poof! There goes your after-baby belly! The company is totally wrong to take advantage of Jessica's image ... and take us for fools at the same time.

But ultimately, this just shows how the entire industry built around celebrity weight loss is out of control. This company knew if they slapped her picture and name on their product, they'd probably see a spike in sales. And that's our fault. We can't resist a quick fix and, even more so, a quick fix with a famous face attached. It's pathetic ... we all really know how these celebs lose their postpartum pounds: Insanely grueling work at the gym for HOURS a day, tightly regulated diets prepared by personal chefs, and if that still isn't good enough -- they get plastic surgery! I agree, The Belly Bandit folks deserved the kick in the pants that Alba's lawsuit will bring. But they made such a lame move, in great part because we can be so desperate and gullible. Clearly, we could all use a reality check!

Do you think Jessica is right to sue? Do you agree the celebrity weight loss industry is out of control, and it's partially our faults for buying into it?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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