Anna Kournikova Can't Fill Jillian Michael's 'Biggest Loser' Shoes

anna kournikova women's health coverLast season, Biggest Loser had to say goodbye to Jillian Michaels, and this year, they've said hello to her "replacement," former tennis star Anna Kournikova. Kournikova could never be considered a direct "replacement" to Jillian, who is a certified personal trainer, but she definitely has the star/cover girl part down. In fact, she's on the cover of the November issue of Women's Health, and inside, she talks about where she is in her life right now. Interesting, being that most of us are wondering, how does one go from being an internationally recognized tennis pro to training Biggest Loser contestants?

In Kournikova's words: "I've worked with the best nutritionists, psychologists, and coaches in the world. All that stuff is stored right here [tapping her forehead] and is, like, bursting out."



So, because she's had the resources and time to be counseled by pros ... she thinks she IS a pro. That's pretty much what she said, right? Cuz I'm not so convinced.

I get that she's an athlete and she has worked with some of the top people, but to me, that's just not enough. If I were a contestant on BL, I would want expect to be trained by someone who was actually one of the best trainers out there. Not just someone who has taken notes from one.

Sure, her career has made her a role model in some ways, but I'm not sure that's enough to qualify her as a BL trainer. It's actually kind of suspicious why she's doing this now. I guess her tennis career was basically over, and Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Sharapova, etc. are all famous for their tennis wins as of late. Anna didn't lose her competitive streak, so maybe a straight-up modeling career is out of the question, so reality TV was the next step up?

Whatever her real reason, I'm not feelin' it. Maybe it's Anna in particular. Or maybe it's simply the fact that anyone who attempted to sub in for Jillian would have had their work cut out for them when attempting to win BL contestants' respect and BL fans' hearts.

Do you think Anna Kournikova is cut out to be a trainer?


Image via Women's Health

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