'Pink' Perfume for Breast Cancer Could Actually Cause the Disease

promise me perfumeSusan G. Komen's "Promise Me" is a real stinker. Released in April, the pink perfume was supposed to raise money for breast cancer research, but instead it's just raised some eyebrows. After an advocacy group got a hold of the scent and had it tested for carcinogens, the results were more than just a little disheartening. An ingredient in the perfume called galaxolide is a hormone disruptor that has been linked to causing breast cancer.

This is not good.


Not good at all. Galaxolide is a synthetic musk that is commonly used in cosmetics and perfumes even though studies have shown that it disturbs the body's estrogen levels, getting stuck in the fat, blood, and breast milk of women. As the Daily Finance puts it, studies on galaxolide have shown that it's a contributing factor in the development of breast cancer.

The Susan G. Komen foundation disputes the test saying that their own medical and scientific researchers found the perfume to be safe on all levels, but nevertheless they've stopped producing the scent. It is, however, still available for purchase at stores like Nordstrom and Amazon. They're now working on re-launching the perfume, presumably galaxolide-free, for re-release October 2012.

This is the stuff PR nightmares are made of, and I would assume someone in product development has been fired for this mistake. Even though the synthetic musk used in "Promise Me" is used in hundreds of other scents, it's no excuse. Any product that the Komen foundation endorses, makes, or sells should be above reproach when it comes to whether or not it can be linked to causing breast cancer. Hopefully they'll get the second attempt right so that awareness and funds can be raised without dispute.

What do you think of "Promise Me" and its ingredients?


Photo via Nordstrom.com

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