Shocking DUI Discovery Shows Women Are Better Drivers

drinking and drivingThe next time you get into a spat with your spouse -- or your brother or dad or best guy pal -- about whether men or women are superior drivers, here's a nice little stat to have in your pocket: Men are responsible for 4 out of 5 of all DUI incidents in the United States. For those who aren't so quick at math, that's 81 percent of DUIs pinned on guys.

What's more, men 21 to 34 years old are even more disproportionately to blame for drinking and driving. Meaning that group is behind 32 percent of DUIs even though they're only 11 percent of the population.

I'm guessing the CDC findings aren't a total surprise though. Doesn't it seem like that old "I can have a few drinks and slip behind the wheel -- no problem!" swagger is one of the last bastions of machismo, even as our husbands cook dinner and carry our offspring around in slings?


But then again, we women seem to be getting our swagger on a little too much these days, too. Despite the fact that most drunk drivers are men, more women are also drinking and driving. There's also been a worrying, sharp uptick in deadly drunk driving accidents involving women.

That last factoid is truly sobering; I now find myself thinking of it every time I decide whether to get behind the wheel after meeting a friend for a drink. More and more, I'm opting for public transportation, because the last thing I want to add to the long list of labels I wear -- writer, mom, sister, friend -- is drunk driver.

What steps do you take to avoid driving after a few drinks? Do you find that men are more likely to get behind the wheel after a drink or two than women?


Images via cdsessums/Flickr

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