Flash Mob Shuts Down Town to Help Mom Beat Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

Breast Cancer Flash MobBreast Cancer Awareness Month has always seemed like one of those bittersweet sort of celebrations. We're trying to raise awareness about a serious disease. But all too often that means getting so caught up in the terrifying statistics that we forget why we are spreading all this awareness in the first place: so that we have survivors

And so to mark this month, I decided to do something different. I reached out to the newest breast cancer survivor I know, Kara Passante, a fellow mom who grew up one town over from me. A few months ago, as she battled her way through chemotherapy while trying to raise two daughters with her husband, the whole town came together for a flash mob.


It was our community's way to show her that she wasn't fighting this battle alone. It was our way of pushing her along and helping to create the ultimate goal of this whole breast cancer awareness battle: a breast cancer survivor. I asked Kara if I could share the flash mob with the world to help power other fighters on the way to victory, and I got this response:

I think that's a lovely idea!!!! I want to put it out there as much as possible!! Not only is awareness obviously important, but with all the crap in the world, isn't it always nice to hear how kind people can be to one another??

So here it is. From a practice session to a presentation by the local cheerleaders, from local dance instructors to complete novices, a town street closed off, a community turned pink not to scare people, but to encourage them:

That's how we make survivors in my neck of the woods, how about yours? Got any GOOD breast cancer stories this month?

Image by Jeanne Sager

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