Deaf Woman Hears Her Own Voice for the First Time (VIDEO)

sarah churman hearing herself for the first timeCan you imagine being born deaf and living every day in virtual silence? For some deaf people, like 29-year-old Sloan Churman, that's simply the reality of their lives. But recently, thanks to a state-of-the-art hearing implant Sloan was fitted with nine weeks ago, she was able to hear herself laugh, cry, and speak for the first time ever! She could also hear her nurse and husband at FULL volume. And now will be able to hear her 3-year-old daughter. OMG, heart ... melting!

Her hubby even got the whole thing on video, and it's incredible to watch Sloan's initial reaction to her new hearing ability.


Check it out. I'm sure this video's like nothing you've ever seen.

WOW, right??? I could barely stop the tears from pouring down my face when I watched it. Oh, and if you're curious about how well Sloan can speak, she attributes that to her "passion for reading, grammar, and English." Love it!

Sloan had also been wearing hearing aids from the time she was 2 years old, but had mainly relied on lip-reading because, of course, "hearing aids only help so much." But the Esteem implant (offered by Envoy Medical) is different. It is embedded in the ear and works through ear drum vibrations, unlike hearing aids, which use microphones and speakers.

It's just amazing to see that there are scientists out there who have been able to give the gift of hearing to Sloan and other people who have suffered without the ability to hear the world around them and their loved ones. One commenter on Sloan's YouTube page even said that they thought those who developed the Esteem implant should be "sainted, knighted, and given a Nobel Prize." YES, totally, I couldn't agree more!

To know there's this REAL solution that is going to give her a new lease on life by basically restoring a sense she's never had -- which, might I note, many of us take for granted -- is beyond inspiring. It really puts things in perspective.

What do you think of this video?

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