Prudes in Georgia Ruin Breast Cancer Charity Event

woman removing bra taking offDon't prudes ever exhaust themselves with their uptight gasps and woe? This time it's the underwear prudes who've run amok. More specifically, the bra prudes who would rather shield their eyes from a temporary display of *gasp* ladies' brassieres than raise a little dough for breast cancer.

Yep, city officials in Savannah, Georgia have decided that stringing an artful "Bras Across Broughton" display at four major intersections as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in "poor taste" and have rejected the necessary permit -- even though a local car dealer had agreed to donate $1 for each bra, up to $5,000. That would be $5,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Really, Savannah?


That's right. The city of Savannah can't bear to look at some bras in the name of breast cancer even though, when it comes to breast cancer, there are far worse things at stake than a few "unsightly" bras. We're talking about people's breast health and people's lives! If some bras flapping in the air can help save one person, isn't it worth it?

Board president of the local Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer foundation, Caroline Keller, says other cities have run similar campaigns without a problem. However, Councilmember Tony Thomas agrees with the city's decision, saying, "We could offend people with inappropriateness. Do you really want to see Big Mama bras hanging across Broughton Street?"

"Big Mama bras"? What's that supposed to mean? So worried about inappropriateness and yet he just totally offended me with that very inappropriate statement.

Do you think this city should get over their prudishness in the name of charity?


Image via Mangiu/Flickr

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