Melissa Etheridge Walk of Fame Star Is a Triumph for Breast Cancer Survivors

melissa ethridgeMelissa Etheridge was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday. Her new star, which was placed in front of the Hard Rock Cafe, is on "prime real estate," says the 50-year-old breast cancer survivor -- she's been a Hard Rock Pinktober ambassador for the last six years, a program that promotes BC awareness through concerts and celebrity events.

The Grammy and Oscar winning musician was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2004 and has been cancer-free for a few years now. She wants people to feel inspired by her story and gave a really touching acceptance speech on the Walk of Fame:


It's been an amazing journey and it continues to be an amazing journey ... If nothing else, let this be an inspiration. Let my life have been an inspiration to anyone -- gay, straight, breast cancer, woman, mother, any human being who receives the inspiration from my story.

Melissa's star is the 2,450th one to be given out, and I couldn't think of a more deserving individual. I love her music and her attitude. She's very giving, tolerant, and understanding. She's strong and her words of encouragement really advance causes worth fighting for: Chiefly, breast cancer awareness and gay rights.

October kicks off Pinktober for the Hard Rock Cafe and all month Melissa will be promoting awareness as she raises money for local and national BC charities. They're auctioning off a pink 12-string guitar that Melissa uses on tour, so if you're looking to support the cause that way, by all means.

WATCH Melissa's speech on the Walk of Fame.

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