Ellen DeGeneres Isn't Smart to Laugh Off Her Heart Scare

ellen degeneres says she's fine after heart scareEllen DeGeneres seems to be in great spirits, considering her recent, unnerving heart scare. She explained on her show yesterday that on Sunday night, she started having chest pains and woke up feeling heaviness and tightness in her chest. She joked about how she felt like she had a cat on her chest, which turned out to actually be her cat, but also "another cat under that cat," referring to the pressure in her chest. She ended up calling 911 early Monday and, right after the incident, thanked everyone -- her medical team, TMZ, etc. -- for their help and concern. 

But she also failed to explain what went wrong. All she said was, “Let me just say, I’m fine. The paramedics were strippers that I had called. That’s how the rumors got started ... Everything is fine. I don’t know what it is, but it’s fine ... I have a baboon heart that I had put in earlier.” Oooookay.


As much as I appreciate that Ellen is able to keep a sense of humor about what happened to her, not explaining what happened to her in its entirety -- or, worse yet, truly failing to KNOW what happened to her -- is a bit troublesome. (Who wouldn't try to figure out why this kind of scare happened to them? If that's truly what happened with Ellen, it sounds like a total patient-doctor FAIL.)

Alright, maybe she does know and just didn't want to get into all the hairy details on TV. Okay, understandable. But she's not really doing viewers any favors being flippant. Whether it was a panic attack or heartburn or something actually having to do with her heart, it would be helpful for Ellen to share that info with viewers, who might find it useful if they were in a similar situation. Being that she acknowledged that this happened to her in the first place, she has a responsibility as a celebrity to explain it a bit more.

Don't get me wrong. I don't need her whole medical history -- I'm just saying it would have been wise for Ellen to tell her fans in the simplest terms what the diagnosis was and what the game plan is for preventing it from occurring in the future. If she were to share that info, it could do more than one person a world of good.

Do you think Ellen should have explained more about what happened to her?


Image via ellen.warnerbros.com

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