The Sneakiest Cause of Hair Loss in Women Is One of the Hardest to Stop

woman washing her hairNot to belittle what men go through when it comes to thinning or balding hair, but it's about damn time someone started studying/talking about the topic as it relates to women. Female hair loss can be incredibly devastating, and shockingly, there really isn't all that much attention given to the cause. Thankfully, new studies presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' annual meeting shone some light on a few things that can trigger hair loss in women: Excessive drinking and/or smoking and ... divorce.

We all know drinking and smoking won't exactly do anyone's health a favor, so that's no surprise. But divorce? Clearly, that's an illustration of how women's hair loss is often attributed to stress -- something so many of us, dealing with divorce or not, face on a daily basis but can't necessarily put words to or "treat" all that easily.


The study also found that "excessive sleeping patterns" and other stressful situations such as "having multiple children and/or getting married" can spark hair loss in women. Wow, assuring, right? In other words, being a mom and/or wife and/or tired is basically a recipe for a hair loss disaster.

The key here shouldn't be some kind of hair transplant treatment I'm sure plastic surgeons would love to sell women on. It's obvious from these findings that stress management is really the solution. Unfortunately, that's something that's easier said than done.

I speak from personal experience -- it's something I personally grapple with every day of my life (and I'm not even a mom yet!), and something I am pretty sure has taken a toll on my hair from time to time. When there are more strands in my hairbrush or making their way down the shower drain than I'd like to admit, it's probably because I've been stressed out about work or something else going on in my life. 

Hair loss isn't the only thing that freaks me out about stress, but it is something very physical that can illustrate a woman's state of mind. It really does show what a strong connection there is between mind and body, and it's a relief to hear researchers discussing it and considering it. With hope, the idea of a "solution" -- sustainable, holistic stress relief -- is treated with the seriousness it deserves, as well.

Are you surprised by this study?


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