Deranged Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks She Has 9 Chins

gwenyth paltrowHave you ever looked at a photo of yourself and thought you looked fat/bad/ugly/old/like Margaret Thatcher after a weekend bender? I know. Me too. It's hard not to look at photos sometimes and see only the worst. Even Gwyneth Paltrow, who works out seven hours a day, eats only raw and vegan food hand-picked by angels in heaven's fields, and who's been a movie star for 15 years, has moments like that. Stars really are just like us, I guess, but that's not necessarily a good thing.

Backstage at the Emmys on Sunday, Gwyn took a pic with Tina Fey and Jack McBrayer from 30 Rock, then posted the photo on her blog Goop. Her caption for the photo? "Why does my arm look like that and since when do I have 9 chins?"



Such a bummer that she wrote that, right? For someone who went to the awards show in a stunning two-piece Pucci lace gown (which I happened to love) that bared her midriff, it seems a little odd that she would then lose all that security and confidence and nitpick her looks, and essentially call herself fat, in one grainy photo. (Scroll down midway to see the photo.)

Truth is, she looks great. She's Gwyneth freaking Paltrow for crying out loud -- of course she looks great! I would've never looked twice at the photo if it hadn't been for her negative comments. Then, of course, I started to dissect it. Yep, there's a weird shadow on her arm, and nope, definitely just see one chin. What is she talking about?

Is she just trying to fish for compliments? Or seem relatable? Or beat haters to the punch by saying bad things about herself first? Not sure. The caption could have just as easily read, "Hanging backstage with my favorite 30 Rock stars!" and no one would've thought twice about it because she looks gorgeous and happy.

Sarah Michelle Gellar recently opened up about her body-dysmorphic disorder, and if this picture and caption from Gwyneth are a glimpse into what she really thinks about herself, then it would seem that Ms. Paltrow suffers from a similar pathology. If I see a flawless movie star and she sees nine chins, that's a bit of a problem.

Why do you think Gwyneth wrote that odd caption?


Photo via yausser/Flickr

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