Sarah Michelle Gellar Doesn't Look at Thin Celebrities to Stay a Healthy Weight

sarah michelle gellar healthSarah Michelle Gellar is shedding her Buffy the Vampire Slayer self for a new character on the upcoming TV show Ringer. And to promote it, the 34-year-old actress is on the cover of Health magazine's October issue, where she tells us how she tries to be realistic about having weight loss idols.

Unlike a lot of women who look at slender pictures of their fave celebs as "thinspiration," Geller says she isn't so quick to tack up her colleagues on the fridge.

“I would never do that to myself, especially because I’m aware of the airbrushing and trainers and food programs," she says. "You have to use yourself as inspiration. I think if I were ever going to put something up, I would put a picture of myself where I was proud of my body."

Good point, Buffy. 


Every woman goes through at least one time in her life where she loves the way she looks. For me, it was "back in the day" during my early teens. I was an active dancer, and have a picture of myself from a wedding where I look truly happy and carefree.

Years later, after I'd gained and was trying to lose a significant amount of weight, I used to think of a time when I felt better about myself, and I remembered that picture. Like Gellar, I wasn't the type of girl to tape cut-outs of model beauties like Adrianna Lima next to my desk. It would have made me more frustrated than inspired. 

The important thing to remember when you're trying to get in shape is that you're on a journey to become the best version of you that you can be. You do not want to be a clone of somebody else. No amount of plastic surgery or weight loss will make you look like Jennifer Aniston or Heidi Klum. And that's just fine.

 As Sarah Michelle told the mag, we have to be realistic about how those sources of inspiration look so slim and sleek. Magazine photographers, expert airbrushing, crash or fad diets, expensive trainers -- all things ordinary, everyday women don't have access to.

Gellar was wise to advise keeping everything in perspective. That's what we need to bring out the happier, healthier sides within each one of us.

Do you ever look at pictures of celebrities or friends for "thinspiration"?

Image via Health

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