Giuliana Rancic's Weight Obsession Takes Another Strange Turn

giuliana rancicI love E! News host Giuliana Rancic. But I'm getting a little sick of her fixation on other celebrities' body sizes. Last night at the Emmy awards, she badgered Padma Lakshmi on the red carpet about how the Top Chef host stays so thin during filming. Of Lakshmi's weight, Rancic said, "I watch the show and think, 'how is she not a grande?'" This oddly personal comment comes mere weeks after her rant to the Huffington Post that LeAnn Rimes looks too thin.

Why is Rancic so obsessed with other people's weight?


The irony, of course, is that Rancic herself has been criticized repeatedly for being too thin. Some of her rudest critics have even gone so far as to suggest that she's struggled to get pregnant because she's so underweight. It's easy to feel compassion for Rancic, especially when she's candid about how hurtful these comments about weight -- both over and under -- can be:

I work in a really superficial industry ... I mean, I am getting Google Alerts saying, "You look good with the weight gain." They don't realize they're being mean by saying you look good fatter. It's enough to drive any girl a little crazy. But it's okay. What can I say? There's nothing I can do about it.

So Rancic can't stand comments about her own weight, but discussing Padma's and LeAnn's is fair game?

I tend to believe that Rancic, and other women of a similar size, really are healthy; being super-skinny is just their natural body type. But when Rancic is continually shining the spotlight on other celebrities' weight loss, it starts to look like an obsession; and then you've got wonder if maybe there is something unhealthy about it after all.

(Oh, and if you were still perplexed about how Padma stays thin -- she doesn't. She typically gains 15 pounds in the six weeks of filming and goes up one to two dress sizes. Then she spends the 12 weeks after filming working to slim down.)


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