Kirstie Alley Needs to Stop Dieting Already

kirstie alleyYou know the kind of people who are naturally thin and never have to diet a day in their lives? I'm definitely not one of them. And neither is Kirstie Alley. But she clearly hasn't accepted it. I wouldn't be able to count on my two hands the number of times the 60-year-old actress has lost and immediately regained more than 50 pounds. Wasn't it just yesterday she was wearing a bikini on Oprah? The former spokeswoman for Jenny Craig told Entertainment Tonight about her most recent weight loss successes. Alley's officially down 100 pounds and back to a size 4.

"I feel like I'm back in my element. I honestly didn't even realize what I looked like."

She's looking pretty good, there's no denying it. Am I happy that she's getting her act together (again)? Of course. But sister needs to stay committed. Alley is guilty of a major weight loss crime, yo-yo dieting, and if she doesn't maintain her trimmer figure, she could be in some serious trouble. I know, I've been there.


I've already written loads of times here on The Stir about my battle to lose weight. Size and weight are such personal things, and I can only imagine how hard it must be when you're famous, like Kirstie, and being criticized constantly in such a public forum. I had a hard enough time with my own issues, and I was living a normal life in suburban Connecticut.

When God doesn't bless you with an outstanding metabolism, it's definitely a serious effort to maintain the weight loss you worked so hard to achieve. After losing my "baby fat," as I like to call it, I still to this day make conscious decisions about what I eat on the regular. They're decisions that not only keep me slender, but healthy and happy too.

Kirstie seems so much more confident and content now. If she doesn't commit to staying slim -- and ensure a better overall quality of life -- then not only will that confidence diminish, but she could see damaging effects. Yo-yo dieting is linked to tons of medical issues, ranging from high cholesterol and diabetes to depression and high blood pressure. Who wants any of that? Not me, and I'm sure not Kirstie either. Stick to it, lady. Trust me -- you'll be happy you did!

Do you think Kirstie will keep the weight off this time?

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