Miracle Birth Control Rescues Us From the Pill & Cancer


paragard IUDIn the battle among birth control methods, the intrauterine device (IUD) -- which, in its copper-T form, is 100 percent non-hormonal (whoo!) -- is totally winning! New research, published online in The Lancet Oncology, found women who use IUDs, even for a short time, have a lower risk of cervical cancer than those with no history of using the device. Researchers say that's because IUDs may cause a non-threatening, low-grade inflammation within the cervix that activates the immune system to fight HPV progression.

Sheesh, can you say 180!? The IUD used to be seen as the bad guy, or at least the strange guy, of the birth control world, because back in the '70s, there was a design flaw in one of the first models. But the method has been perfected since then, and it's very clearly one of the best options for any woman -- especially someone who doesn't want to or simply cannot contend with the nasty, often permanent side effects of synthetic hormones in birth control pills.

Seriously, it's about freaking time this "good press" came along, because no matter how great a copper-T IUD (ParaGard) is, I know there are still docs out there who won't insert it in women who haven't had a baby. But, this has nothing to do with these women being the right candidate for the ParaGard and more to do with the individual doctor not being confident with insertion in a woman who hasn't been preggers, because that makes the procedure only slightly more difficult. (Also, old-school docs tend to question women who aren't married, mistakenly assuming that automatically means you aren't monogamous. Because if you get an STD, IUDs put you at a higher risk for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which, if not treated, can lead to infertility.)

And this is all kinds of frustrating, because all too often, women who could be thriving with a non-hormonal form of birth control are stuck with the pill. The pill, which is a great option for some women, is pretty much my personal idea of pure evil in drug form. Three years on Yaz led to gallstones and other nasty side effects that haven't dissipated now even two years after stopping. I know Yaz and various other pills have caused many women grief -- from blood clots to strokes in women under 30. It's just beyond disturbing.

But with hope, this study and more studies like these will help more women of all ages and their doctors see the light! That they can ditch the pill and lean on a non-hormonal IUD as a very safe, even protective option.

What are your thoughts on the pill vs. a non-hormonal IUD? What do you think about the finding that it guards against cervical cancer?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

i have the iud and i LOVE IT. i recommend it to ALL of my friends. however, i actually have the low hormone iud (mirena) and honestly, i haven't had any problems with it. i know some folks don't dig the extra hormones (and that i can appreciate) but it works for me. i've had mine for almost 3 years now, and hubby and i have already decided that when this one is done (5 years) i'll just have another put in in its place. i can't do pills, my schedule isn't always regular enough for that. i don't need the added weight from the shot (nor did my dr like the idea for me personally). it came down to the ring (pass) or an iud, and i'm absolutely happy with my choice! :)

Ashleigh Munson

I will be getting the Paragard after baby #2. I had the Mirena for a while, but after bleeding for three SOLID months with it in, I had it removed. I'd get the Para now except that we'll be trying for baby #2 within the year. Seems like a big waste for a device that lasts 10 years.

elfis... elfishpirat

Umm..yeah...did you know that IUDs can puncture your uterus? I know two women that this happened to, and they had to have surgery.

danic... danichaos

I had the paragard for 4 years and loved it, only thing is, the cramps and heavy flow during that time of the month are killer, but worth it!

vanes... vanessa5470

Pfft. I had Paragard and chose it for the reason of not wanting hormones messing with me.

Butttt I am now expecting my 2nd child and it caused more grief than happiness putting my faith in this BC. I loved it while it WORKED, but it failed for me and a tubal is in my near future.

The placement has to be perfect, you have to check your strings, it can slip at a moments notice and you have no idea. It was great not having to remember to take stupid pills nor gain weight, but preventing pregnancy was what mattered most.

mommy... mommyme2440

Be sure to go to a dr that inserts paraguards often. My dr was new to it (for women who were post pardom), and I was pregnant les than 5 mo after insertion. Pregnancy with an iud inserted is risky. I was luky that the growing baby pushed the paraguard down, so it could be pulled out without a large risk of misscarriage. 

Krist... KristinRox

Some people praise up the IUD, some people absolutely hate it. I like the idea of the non hormonal one that sounds like a great compromise. I love that it might actually help to fight off cervical cancer. There might be hope for women to jump on the IUD train.



Pishyah Pishyah

Let's forget all the side effects because this one kicks HPV butt!  Wooo!  Ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, back pain, constant bleeding, growing into the uterus, all of it is totally worth forgetting!  YAY!

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