Woman Dies From Injecting Hot Beef Fat Into Her Face

syringeOkay, so, like, I'm all for putting some effort into your appearance so you feel good about yourself. I work out, I get my hair highlighted, I occasionally indulge in a pair of semi-expensive boots. And, hell, if you want to inject your face with a little Botox here, or a little Juvederm there, you won't see any judging from me.

But I will judge you if you inject hot beef fat into your face. And then die. Because that's seriously crossing a line.


Janet Hardt, a 63-year-old woman living in Illinois, was apparently "obsessed" with the process of performing self-injections (again, of hot beef fat) and had developed her own “process’’ for doing so. She would boil the beef herself, extract the fat, and then inject it into her face. Sources close to Hardt say her face looked “grotesque,’’ and that she had infections in her mouth and lip, as well as scarring from performing the injections “for some time.’’

I feel terrible that this poor woman died, but what the hell? Who, in their right mind, would do such an insane, gross, unsanitary thing to themselves? It's like, if you're so obsessed with keeping your face wrinkle-free, go to the doctor and shell out the money like a normal, vain person. There aren't shortcuts for stuff like this. I'm looking at you, people who go to doctors in Mexico who perform 900 breast augmentations a day.

There needs to be a balance. Being a blogger, I know just as well as anybody that the media sets totally asinine (totally unattainable) beauty standards for Jane Q. Public. But the best thing to do, in my humble opinion, is to take care of ourselves as much as we can, and just accept the rest. We're all going to get old and die eventually. And injecting warmed-up beef lard into our bodies will only make that happen faster.

How disturbing is this?


Image via [lauren nelson]/Flickr

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