A Jessica Simpson Boob Job Is Great Move for All Women

Jessica SimpsonCelebrity boob jobs are a dime a dozen. So who cares that Jessica Simpson is considering going under the knife to have her tatas touched up? American women. Or we should anyway. She could be the best example of real womanhood we've got going in a world of Photoshopped models and uber enhanced porn stars.

Word has it before Jessica ties the knot with her NFL fiance Eric Johnson, she will be having breast reduction surgery. Get that? Jess wants to drop a size. And I don't blame her.


It took me until my late teens/early 20s to come to grips with my own cleavage -- or should I say lack thereof? If bra makers made an A Minus, I'd be lining up to buy. But talking to big busted ladies helped me big time in the acceptance department.

Straight up? Big boobies are as much a burden as a blessing. There's back pain. There's neck pain. There are migraine headaches. There is numbness in your fingers. This is the stuff that affects at least 1 million American women.

Any one of them would be a good enough reason for a reduction in my book, and Jess would be in good company. Estimates from 2004 show a 200 percent increase in reduction surgeries in just a seven-year period. Women are finally accepting that their comfort is more important than society's claim that bigger -- chest-wise anyway -- is the key to beautiful.

This is where Jessica's decision could really help American women. It's standard -- expected -- for those of us with teeny tatas to mope about and moan. We're expected to rage at the gods for not endowing us with the gifts of our sisters. But Simpson has been frank about what it means to be busty and uncomfortable in your own skin:

I was the first girl in my class to wear a bra. I remember crying in the bathtub. All my friends were super-skinny.

A woman's comfort in her own skin is paramount. It doesn't matter what society says about size, whether it's about weight or our chests -- we are the ones who have to walk around in our bodies. We can take control.

I say good for Jessica Simpson. How about you?


Image via jvh33/Flickr

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