World's Heaviest Mother Finally Comes to Her Senses and Goes on a Diet

donna simpsonDonna SimpsonSix-hundred pounds is pretty freakin' heavy. That's like the size of a large horse or a cow. And that was how much the World's Heaviest Mother, Donna Simpson, weighed at her record-breaking peak.

A few months ago, we wrote about how the 42-year-old New Jersey woman was on a (deadly) mission to become severely obese and reach her goal weight of 900 pounds by eating 12,000 calories of fatty foods a day.

The worst part? She was making money by endangering her life. Donna charged twisted gawkers $20 to subscribe to her personal website, where they could watch live-streamed video of her eating. Last year, she made about $90,000 from subscriptions alone.

Thankfully for both her well-being and her two children, she's finally come to her senses and is now pledging to lose weight (and see a psychologist). It's just sad that it wasn't until her breakup with her fiance that she decided to get healthier.


Here's some background: Donna's fiance classified himself as a "belly man" and encouraged her poor eating. As long as she had him, there was someone to take care of Donna and her children. Since the split, the obese mom has realized that she needs to be that caretaker. As a result, she's already lost 60 pounds with the help of better eating and exercise, and aims to get down to her new goal weight of 370 pounds.

Loving someone is about wanting what's best for them. I just can't understand how you can love another person and still support such life-threatening habits like extreme obesity. And it's hard to believe Donna was really as happy as she claims at her heaviest. Being loved is one of the greatest feelings, but her love wasn't a good love. It could have been fatal.

When I first met my boyfriend, I was in the process of losing 60 pounds. Since then, I've dropped another 15 or so and am finally at my goal weight. I love that he keeps me motivated to stay fit. Morning gym trips together help. He wants what's best for me, meaning he wants me to be healthy.

Now that Donna's out of her relationship, she'll learn to really love herself. As a mother, she'll be able to devote her affection to her children instead of to a man who didn't believe in her and, in her words, had a "fetish" about her weight. This breakup could turn out to be the healthiest move she's ever made.

Do you think encouraging a healthy lifestyle is critical for a relationship?

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