Kelly Bensimon's 'Bikini Body' Secret Is a Lie

kelly benismonKelly Bensimon is a liar. You know it. I know it. The American people know it. Nothing irritates me more than listening to her spew falsities on a Real Housewives of New York reunion -- except maybe when Andy Cohen doesn't call her out on them.

But Pinocchio-esque qualities aside, the woman has a ridiculous body. It's hard to believe those rock hard abs and super-toned legs belong to a 43-year-old mother of two.

But now she's lying about how she got that killer physique.

See, everything comes full circle.


Kelly graced the cover of the latest issue of Shape magazine -- and she looks fantastic. But in the accompanying interview that goes with it, she names horseback riding and "dressing on the side" as the two biggest contributors toward her her sexy bod. Bull. Shiza.

Kelly says, "I ride horses, and gripping the animal with my thighs to stay on is the ultimate lower-body workout." Then she added that the "smartest health change" she's ever made was ordering her "salad dressing on the side." Yeaaahhhsuuuure.

I'm sure that "gripping an animal with your thighs," which, side note, sounds vaguely sexual, and having your dressing on the side are great ways to slash calories, but it's not what's going to transform your body into Kelly Bensimon's. Unless you're currently drinking an entire bottle of Hidden Valley with your romaine.

Kelly then added that she works with a personal trainer. Ahh, now we're getting somewhere. See, having a personal trainer just might give you Kelly Bensimon's body. They'll force you out of bed early, they'll work you to the bone, and they're expensive as all get out. (Also, unrelated, Kelly's personal trainer probably doesn't get her out of bed early -- she probably goes at around 3:00 in the afternoon. What else does she have to do?)

I never understood why celebrities feel the need to lie or play down the things they do in order to look good. If I had the money, I do the same thing. It would have been so refreshing if Kelly was just like, "Look, I'm rich. I work out with a trainer. I have five tiny, macrobiotic meals delivered to my home daily. A dermatologist zaps my cellulite away. And I don't have a damn thing to stress about. You'd look good too if you were me."

But she didn't. She took the classic "Oh, I just do this little ol' thing. Guess I've got good genes! Tee-hee." Can't say I'm surprised, though, 'cause, like I said, she's a liar. Andy, if you're reading this, call her out!

What do you think of Kelly Bensimon?


Image via Shape


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