This Favorite Place Has More Germs Than Your Toilet


desk bacteriaGrowing up, my mom always taught me to squat in public bathrooms. "The germs!" she would say. "You don't know what's touched that!" To this day, public toilets still completely gross me out.

You know what never used to gross me out? My desk. That is, until I checked out a new study from the American Dietetic Association that says our desks may harbor 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

Oh my God. I think I may throw up.

Even though I'm officially skeeved out, now that they mention it, the findings totally make sense. Let's think about this for a second. I'm hoping, if you're at all like me, that you've cleaned your toilet once or twice in the past two weeks. And while I spend hours upon hours at my desk, I can only remember 15 minutes or so, once, that I actually spent tidying things up. And that was without any cleaning products, aside from my shirt sleeve.

Nevertheless, day after day I eat breakfast at my desk. Then I eat my lunch, also at my desk. And God only knows (well, aside from my coworkers) how much I snack at my desk. Are you beginning to see what I mean? No wonder our beloved workstations are so filthy. We're ALWAYS at them, doing germ-infested things on them like breathing and eating.

So now the old claim that your office could actually be making you sick isn't so ludicrous after all, is it? This could be just the reminder we all need to take a little time off every once in a while, if not to enjoy the outside world, then at least to clean our desks. Sure, some Pledge, Windex, and sanitary wipes will cost $10 or so. But compared to those potential medical bills? Ten bucks sounds just fine to me.

Does this study make you as much of a germaphobe as me?

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Tory Cox

Anyone ever flushed the toilet with the seat up?  Know anyone who does?  Aerosol spray can reach 6-8 feet from the flushing toilet bowl, covering a significant area with a fine mist.  That surface is thus contaminated with any bacteria found in the toilet.  People have found upon testing in laboritories that toothbrushes that have never had contact with a toilet have minute fecal matter in them from the spray from a toilet flushing with the seat up.  You can wash your hands after going, just make sure you don't touch anything else before you leave otherwise you can be potentially taking bacteria and transfering it to something you touch often.  There is an interesting article on this called Think Before You Flush Or Brush. 

I've known this for a while and as we have 2 computers in our home used by 6 people, 4 of which are children. iI is very important to me that the mouses, keyboards and desk areas are sanitised otherwise any cold that flu that comes into the house soon goes though the house. 

bether89 bether89

Makes me want to clean my desk.

easun... easunshine

I can't imagine its worse than money.

I've never been a germaphobe. I don't think I ever will be unless something happens in my life where myself or someone close to me ends up with a compromised immune system.

Tracys2 Tracys2

Favorite place? 

Germs aside (I am not a germaphobe, but I do agree desks can get to be a bit much), who would call a desk a favourite place? I was thinking maybe a spa, nail salon, pool, amusement park... desk??!

L1558 L1558

Tracys2, that made me laugh! :o) It's definitely not my "favorite" place! 

Well, I happen to be from the old school re: germs...wash your hands thoroughly and often, get a good night's sleep, put mostly nutritious stuff in your body, and laugh a lot. Throw in a good chiropractor and wipe down your desk once in awhile. Humans have lived through much worse...we aren't weaklings. No sense in freaking out over a desk when there are real-life human beings living in slums where raw sewage flows nearby. 

slw123 slw123

I believe it.  I'm not a germaphobe, but I don't want every else's germs on me either.

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