Breast Cancer Researchers Think Women Are Morons

mammogram nipple band aids breast cancer"Don't believe everything you read" should be the new mantra for any woman taking in the latest headlines on breast cancer screenings. First, a totally nutball advisory committee tells women we don't need mammograms 'til we're 50. Now, a new study from an economist with the U.S. National Cancer Institute, published in the journal Cancer, claims that women are getting fewer mammos (a decline of only FIVE percent, by the way!), because they aren't taking hormonal therapy anymore. In other words, because they're not seeing their OB/GYNs for prescriptions, supposedly, they're also checking out on annual mammos. WOW, we ladies must be real idiots!

Quick FYI: The hormonal therapy referenced in the study isn't your Suzanne Somers, bioidentical, compounded stuff. Nope, they're talking about the creepy synthetic HRT, like Premarin (aka pregnant mare urine -- gross!) that has actually been linked to breast cancer


Most women got the hint back in 2002 that this stuff was bad news, so there's been a major drop-off in its use. And now it seems like whoever is really behind this study is trying to freak out and confuse women about the link.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was funded by Big Pharma as a scare tactic. "Ladies, go get your HRT, or else you might not catch breast cancer on a mammo!" Ridiculous.

Furthermore, how's this food for thought? As HRT use has dropped, breast cancer rates have, as well! So that could very likely be linked to the dip in mammograms that this study found. And/or maybe women aren't getting as many mammos because they aren't finding suspicious lumps as frequently. (Possibly because they're not on scary HRT!) Or perhaps it has to do with the screwed up health insurance situation in this country, or how no one can afford even basic medical bills! Either way, I highly doubt most women are treating their breast health only as an afterthought to potentially cancer-causing prescriptions! Sheeze!!

The only worthwhile takeaway from this research is that women should get mammograms and see their doctors whether or not they need or want drugs. DUH. We know that already, but thanks anyway to the economist (not even M.D.) who conducted the study. 

What do you think of this study? Do you agree women get mammos even if they're not seeing their docs for prescription drugs?

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