'Glee' Star Dianna Agron Mutilated by 'Cosmo' (PHOTO)

dianna agron gleeI have a bit of a girl crush on Dianna Agron. She's super sweet, has a fun and wacky personality, and I may or may not be slightly obsessed with her Tumblr account. Look -- here we are (right) hanging out in New York City last April. And by hanging out, I obviously mean I hunted down the Glee trailers when they were filming the season 2 finale and was lucky enough to snap a photo.

Most of all, I envy her killer style. It takes some serious balls and great bone structure to feel comfortable chopping off your luxurious blonde locks for a shab instead. If only Cosmopolitan had the same appreciation for her taste as I do. You see, the 25-year-old gleek is Cosmo's September cover girl. And instead of celebrating all that is amazing about her natural beauty, they decided to play around with a little tool called Photoshop.


dianna agron cosmopolitanDo you recognize that girl?

I don't even know where to start. For one thing, where did her giant kahunas come from? This cover happens to be one of a three-part series and her breasts aren't nearly as ... enhanced in the other photos. Then there's her right wrist, which seems as though her hand was just stuffed on the end there, shortening her arm in the process. Her waist has been whittled away, I can't even pinpoint what exactly they've done to her face, and her adorable shab has been awkwardly tinted.

I understand an airbrush or two here and there, but Dianna is such a natural beauty that all of these modifications are taking the idea of Photoshopping just a bit too far. What kind of message does a cover like this, where her size 0 frame is mutilated to create the illusion of curves and unrealistic Barbie proportions, send to Cosmopolitan readers? She has a killer bod, a beautiful smile, and a natural charm to start with. And if that doesn't make her cover material enough for Cosmo, then something's wrong. I'll bet almost anything the original photo looked 10 times better.

What do you think of Cosmo's Dianna Agron cover?

Image via Emily Abbate, Cosmopolitan

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