Using Ecstasy as a Cancer Drug Is a Death Wish

ecstasySure, we've all heard about medical marijuana and the legal dispensaries that sell it. But could you imagine if there were a similar market for medical ecstasy? A recent Birmingham University study claims ecstasy (MDMA) could be an effective way to treat cancer if it can be produced in a safe form.

Let me get this straight. You mean that ecstasy, the same addictive drug that is proven to cause psychological harm, depression, and even (in the event of an overdose) death, could help cancer patients? I'm feeling a little very uncomfortable.

What's next? Heroin?


Don't get me wrong, I want a cure for cancer. What person with half of a brain doesn't? My uncle died of lung cancer when I was just a baby, and I have little to no memories of the two of us together. I can only imagine how things would be different today if he were still around.

But the thought of him taking ecstasy to get better makes me really anxious. Apparently, the amount of MDMA that scientists recommend for treatment could be deadly. And while I understand that when suffering from a terminal illness, you'll do anything and everything to try and get well, all that could go wrong once ecstasy is involved makes me skeptical.

Let me paint a worst-case scenario for you: A cancer patient goes into remission (hallelujah!) after taking MDMA. But then that person gets hooked on ecstasy and starts using it to get high. No longer is it just a treatment, it's now a full-blown addiction. Who's to blame?

For now, I'll pray for a safer, healthier alternative as we make strides toward finding a cure for cancer. It will be quite some time until you catch me hopping on the ecstasy-for-cancer bandwagon.

What do you think of ecstasy as a cancer drug?


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