Kate Winslet's Attack on Plastic Surgery Is Seriously Warped


kate winsletKate Winslet, Emma Thompson, and Rachel Weisz have all decided to take a vow against getting nipped, tucked, stitched, and sucked. In fact, they're taking said vow so seriously they've started a publicity stunt group called the Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League.

Winslet told the Telegraph plastic surgery "goes against my morals, the way my parents brought me up, and what I consider to be natural beauty. I'm an actress. I don't want to freeze the expression of my face."

Kate, I love you, and going against cosmetic surgery is a wonderful message to send out into the ethers. But what about losing a massive amount of weight and essentially having a full body makeover? What message is that?

Kate Winslet looks Hollywood-standard good these days. What I mean by that is she's thin, she's blonde, and her dresses and makeup are always sure to send tongues wagging. Heck, she's even scored herself a modeling contract. (And isn't her current boyfriend a model himself?) In other words, she's not the type of person you'd see trolling around Walmart in search of kitty litter. She's not necessarily a woman one would feel good standing next to. She's not the rest of the world.

So, because of this, her vow to swear off plastic surgery seems a little moot to me. I'm guessing the point of starting a "league" against cosmetic surgery is to instill a positive message -- that you're beautiful as is -- to women, actresses and non, across the world. Don't spray tans, and airbrushing, and hair extensions go against that same message? Surely one (most likely all) of these three actress has indulged in at least one of these superficial things at some point in their lives.

If these actresses truly are on a crusade to help women across the globe improve their self-esteem -- which, we all could use that -- more power to them. It's a lot more than we can say about other celebrities. But I think they should then maybe ease up on the other "vanity" stuff. Because -- inadvertently or not -- they could be sending a seriously warped message if real women start to believe that this is what they look like "without any help."

What do you think about Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League?


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You're seriously picking on this actress because she wears pretty clothes and is on a good eating and diet plan? Seriously? Shame on you! Plastic surgery is something completely different. Her body is something she changed herself. She didn't go under the knife to get that. Don't most of us dye our hair and tan?

You look thin and pretty to me Nicole so does that make you vain or do you work hard at it and enjoy being a girl? What's the difference here? Anyone trying to look their best is fake or vain?

Kate Winslet is one of the most "real" people out there.

nonmember avatar Jenniy

according to GossipCop.com Kate Winslet, Emma thompson and rachel Weisz have not started a group, leauge or anything else.

halli... hallieballie

You don't have to be unattractive and chubby to be against plastic surgery. I find it refreshing to see some celebrities speaking out against it.

cocob... cocobeannns

Okay. What? Spray tan and extensions are completely not in the same league as plastic surgery. Yes, they may enhance your appearance. But, what I think they are standing against, is GOING UNDER THE KNIFE in order to alter their appearances. And I agree with them. I will never do it. But, will I use other alternatives to help me as I age? Maybe. But, that is not the same as having elective surgery to stop the hands of time.

And the whole statement you made about her "whole body transformation" as a result of losing weight... You know what, good for her! I think more people should take that route. Instead of going under the knife to lose weight, she chose to work out and eat right in order to change her body. I think that's sending out a positive message.

I think you're article is seriously warped.

dirti... dirtiekittie

good for them! too many people, younger and younger girls at that, are going under the knife for NO reason. how many follow up stories do you see later from some celebrity about how they now regret some of the surgeries they've had done?

and seriously, slow it down with the bashing. we complain that we want celebrities to be real, to be more like the masses they entertain... well here's their step in the right direction, and you chide them for it not being an uphill sprint. i will take someone preaching that all bodies are beautiful ANY day!!

zandh... zandhmom2

I completely agree with ALL the women who posted before me.bow down

nonmember avatar Emma

Your article is seriously warped. I'm advising you to read it over, because your comments are absolutely insane. I agree with all the other commenters here. She can't be against plastic surgery because she wears nice outfits and takes care of her body? Please.

Littl... LittleManMama

I agree with everyone AND want to point out that she is probably under quite a bit of pressure to have plastic surgery given the industry that she is in, which makes it all the more admirable in my mind.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I guess I never noticed her "massive" weight loss! But what is wrong with their little group of not going under the knife? Far difference from hair extensions and fake eye lashes. Then you can compare it to makeup...

PonyC... PonyChaser

So, in order for Kate, et al, to be "serious" about this League deal, she has to completely let herself go to seed, wear baggy pants and no bra, and not do her hair.

Excellent! Meet PonyChaser, the new Face of Glamour! I expect to see my modeling contract in Monday's Mail.

Honestly, that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. There's a massive difference between losing a few pounds and having them CUT AWAY. Between hydrating your skin with lotions and by drinking water/eating healthy, and having them CUT AWAY.

Good for her and her friends for doing this. I hope the idea catches on like wildfire, and we see a ton more ladies willing to let Mother Nature be their stylist.

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