Martina McBride's New Cancer Tribute Could Really Change Lives (VIDEO)

martina mcbride I'm going to love you through it videoCountry singer Martina McBride's new song "I'm Going to Love You Through It" is being called "cancer's first theme song." Although McBride has never battled the disease, she seems to be very passionate about inspiring, supporting, and "loving on" those who have. Nothing wrong with that!

The anthem's lyrics are about a woman diagnosed with breast cancer, and like many country songs, you spend about four minutes learning about the woman's journey. That's emotional in itself, but the video is so much more. It encompasses many stories, including everyday women and various famous cancer activists and survivors, including Sheryl Crow, Robin Roberts, and Hoda Kotb. Katie Couric makes an appearance, too, discussing her late husband's colon cancer.

Whether you're a cancer patient, survivor, loved one of either, or neither, this is the kind of song and music video you can't help but be moved by. 


I also love when celebs come together to admit, "Yeah, I've been there, and it was hard, but I got through it," because their battles will most likely inspire and comfort others. 

Here's the video if you haven't caught it yet.

I admit, it made me tear up!! One thing, though ... McBride says she's all about "changing lives," which is awesome. In the past, she's lent her star power to Stand Up to Cancer. Now, hopefully, she can also parlay some proceeds from song and/or video downloads or some such to raising money for cancer research. By taking this tribute to that level, McBride could really make a difference.

What do you think of this video?


Image via CMT

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