Secrets on How to Keep the Whole Family Healthy

girl playing in leavesKeeping the family healthy is on every parent's priority list. From the first-aid kit under the bathroom sink to the whole-wheat pasta in the cupboard to the bike helmets in the garage, there are a ton of ways to ensure your little ones are taken care of. But as summer winds down and the fall grind begins, let's take a moment or two to review 10 secrets to keeping the whole family healthy -- here's to this fall being your family's healthiest and happiest!

  1. Eat whole grains. As a opposed to refined grains, whole grains have been shown to lower cholesterol, reduce the likelihood of diabetes and cancer, and improve digestive health.
  2. Take an active vacation. Vacations that incorporate skiing, hiking, or swimming keep everyone moving.
  3. Go for a walk after dinner. Not only does it feel good, it helps with digestion and is a great way to spend time together after a meal that doesn't involve a TV.
  4. Play video games. Not just any video games, but the ones for the Wii or Xbox that allow users to "play" tennis, do yoga, or dance.
  5. Divvy up the household chores. Vacuuming, raking leaves, dusting, walking the dog -- all those activities burn calories while at the same time improving the house.
  6. Wear organic sunscreen. Protection from our sun is a year-round endeavor. Your little ones will thank you when they're 30!
  7. Stay hydrated. Water is a family's best friend. The cause of headaches, dry skin, and irritability can come from having too little water in our system -- keep the water flowing.
  8. Throw away the tissues. Someone's bound to get a cold in the winter, and when it happens, make sure you throw those used tissues away as opposed to stuffing them up your sleeve for another use or for wiping the kid's nose. It's a fast way to spread germs to everyone in the house, and you don't want to do that.
  9. Be consistent with sleep. Keep the kids, and yourself, on a bed time routine. Sleep is so important in keeping up a strong immune system, let alone the positive effects it has on overall moods and wellness.
  10. Breathe. Exhaling relieves stress, clears the lungs, and helps you refocus. It's a great thing to do on long car trips, before bed, or after dinner.

What are your favorite secrets for keeping your family healthy?

Photo via AndrewEick/Flickr

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