Would You Feel Comfortable With a Male Gynecologist?


male ob/gynI've been seeing the same gynecologist for a few years now. I enjoy everything about her. She's a compassionate Jewish mother who lives in my town and shares my passion for running. So when I called to confirm my annual appointment last week and was told she was out of the office delivering a baby, I was a bit bummed. The nurse asked me if I'd care to see the new doctor instead. I don't have time to reschedule this, I thought. I agreed, and that was that.

After an hour in the waiting room, I was just a tad frustrated. It was clear I should have made another appointment, and the other OB/GYN was swamped. Finally, one of the nurses brought me into an exam room and told me to stay dressed so the new doctor could come in and meet me. As I sat waiting, I heard a voice in the hall. It was a man. He asked, "Does she know?" The nurse replied, "I think so."

Are you 'effin kidding me!?

NO, I DIDN'T KNOW THE NEW DOCTOR WAS A MAN! I wanted to scream. My head was spinning. I had spent an hour in the waiting room and another 15 minutes alone in the exam room, only to then find out my OB/GYN had a penis? I know, I know: I should have asked. But to be honest, the thought didn't cross my mind. And now, after this long, I didn't know if I had the balls to walk away.

It's not that I don't think he's qualified. I'm positive he is. I'm sure he's an excellent doctor who went to an excellent school. I'm also sure he's very sweet. His voice had a low, sort of sexy tone to it. But I'm also sure of this: I was not pleased about the thought of him going near my, well, you know. And I wish someone had told me sooner.

As it is, the whole idea of someone touching my private areas makes me squirmy. But just thinking of a man I don't know investigating down there makes me squeal. Not to mention, I still can't wrap my mind around why a man, out of all of the medical concentrations in the world, would choose to be a woman's doctor. And then there's the inevitable question: Does he ever get aroused during a consultation? Oh my God. I would die. Actually, I'm pretty positive I would start crying and walk out.

Lucky for me, my real OB/GYN ended up arriving just in the nick of time to give me my annual. Maybe if I had gone through with the exam with the other doctor, I'd feel differently. But I really doubt it. All I know is for now, I'll stick with my yenta of a gynecologist. She and I get along just fine.

Would you ever go to a male OB/GYN?

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Pua Smith

I had 1 female. And that was during labor and she was the on call. She checked me once and then I had a male the entire time. I even had a *GASP!* male nurse during labor.

gramm... grammama06

well yes since that was  the only option available to us ladies who are grandmothers (ahem) I have 3 kids and 2 gkids. I had 3 different MALE ob/gyns since I was fussy. I really loved #s 2&3. #`1 not so much.

My 1st grand daughter was delivered  by a male but my dil went to a female OB/GYN for #2. She also changed midway to another female ob . In the end a covering doc delivered her baby- A man.

So I don't think the gender of the OB it's a major issue. What is important is that the mom feels cared for and in competent hands for her delivery. 

kebrowni kebrowni

I generally try to stick with female doctors, but since I go to a military hospital and they're always swamped, I take what I can get. During my son's birth I got lucky and had all females, but I had to have surgery a few weeks ago to remove a misplaced IUD and the main surgeon was a male, as well as several of the nurses. It's definitely not preferable, but if I need to get checked out and can't reschedule, I could care less.

starr... starrsitter

My main OB/GYN is male.  It doesn't bother me at all.  The practice I go to is 50/50 and you see all the doctors during your pregnancy (and the PAs and LPNs, too) so you know the person who is on-call when you deliver.  I like the two men more than the women (marginally...they're all good).  I was scheduled for a c-section with the two men, but ended up in early labor and it was actually the two women who delivered my daughter (one was coming off a shift and the next was coming on). 

bobek bobek

I never had a female gynecologist. I don't know what the big deal is. I prefer only men looking down there. How do you know your female gynecologist isn't a lesbian?

medic... medicwife

The only things I care about are, how they treat me and the MD/DO after their name.

akaybb akaybb

My last gynecologist was actually a midwife who did well-woman care, and she was a lesbian - and funny enough, I never felt the least bit odd about it. I've also had a male doctor do an exam on me, and I actually was more comfortable with him than anyone else!

I think when looking for a good GYN, it depends on more than the gender or sexual orientation :)

JessL... JessLogansMommy

My first gyn was a male doctor.  He retired from obstetrics before i got pregnant with my first son so i switched practices.  I had a female ob with my first son and i would never go back to her.  My new ob/gyn is male and i adore him.  I actually don't know of many female ob/gyns in my area.  I'm sure there are plenty i guess they just aren't note worthy.  

OSayS... OSaySaySay

My baby was delivered by my male OB/GYN and I've never thought twice about it. I've been seeing him since I was 6-weeks pregnant. I still go to him for my annual checkups. I actually had a female doc before I got pregnant, but she doesn't deal with pregnant ladies anymore, so I asked for her to refer me to her choice of OB, which was a man at the other end of the office. I feel comfortable with him, and don't want to switch docs. In fact, having seen him, I now realize that my old doc was kind of dyke-ish, but that's another story...

Y'all need to relax. Your's is not the only vag he's ever seen, and I'm sure it's not special. I actually feel more comfortable with a man doctor, because women are generally more judgemental and nit-picky. I think a man would be more realistic and just think, "Yeah, that's a normal vagina" instead of think "Oh my God Becky, look at her butt!" You might want to consider a shrink, male or female, doesn't matter. Just get help for your insecurities.

rocke... rockergyrl

 I prefer to see a male gynecologist instead of female ones because of my experiences with them.  All the experiences with female gynecologist have been negative, but positive with males.  I don't feel uncomfortable if a man is my gynecologist as long as he knows what he's doing lol. 

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