Breast Implants Are a Bad Idea for Great-Grandmothers

boob statueIt's so hard to shop for grandmothers. They never want you to spend any money on them for their birthdays or Christmas or Mother's Day. And when you do go ahead and buy a gift anyway, like a bread maker from Williams Sonoma or an at-home massaging foot bath (well, she's always saying her feet hurt!), she never even takes it out of the box.

Apparently, we've been going about this whole what-to-get-for-Gran thing all wrong ... or so it would seem, if the present 83-year-old great-grandmother Marie Kolstad bought herself last month is any indication.

What did Grandma get, you ask?? Wait for it ... boobs!! Yes, it's true: Kolstad paid $8,000 for a 3-hour lift/augmentation procedure that pumped up her breasts from a 32A to a 36C.


Kolstad, a widow, said she wanted "her children to be proud" of what she looks like. Still, she didn't think they'd approve, so Kolstad didn't tell her family about the surgery until the day before! Sneaky girl.

Anyway, so far Kolstad is happy with her new additions, and I guess that's ... good. But complications could still arise. I've seen breast implants go bad, and it's not pretty, not even on a woman in her 30's.

Once upon a time I had a friend who had a boyfriend who was less than pleased with the post-nursing 2 kids state of her breasts. And so, he bought her a gift (no, not an at-home foot massaging bath!). This gift, a combination lift/augmentation, just like Grandma got, cost him about 14 grand and took  8 hours to complete.

Everything was fine at first. My friend was pleased, even if it did feel weird to have breasts that didn't move when the rest of her body did. Then, a couple of months later, something horrible happened: Her body started rejecting the implants. To make an extremely long story short, two more surgeries, a host of complications with names like capsular contraction and tissue necrosis and several bottles of Vicodin later, she ended up needing to have both implants removed permanently.

Wow, that was really worth the effort.

If this happened to a young, fairly healthy woman, I have to wonder ... how is an 83-year-old woman's body going to handle this invasive surgery?? And did the money-hungry doctor who did it sufficiently warn her about what could happen?

Do you think it was a good idea for 83-year-old Marie Kolstad to get breast implants?


Image via Richard Clifford/Flickr

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