Brave Mom and Baby Battle Cancer at the Same Time

kezia fitzgerald saoirse fitzgeraldImagine being diagnosed with cancer not long after giving birth. Then, imagine your child is diagnosed with another form of the disease several months later. This real-life nightmare is reality for a mother and daughter in Boston. Kezia Fitzgerald was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin's lymphoma in January, a mere eight months after she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl named Saoirse. But her battle became a war when Saoirse herself was diagnosed this past May with Neuroblastoma, a cancer that's common in infants. Doctors say there's no relationship between the two diagnoses; it was just an incredibly sad coincidence. As if Kezia and her husband Mike hadn't been through enough.

Now, although Kezia's cancer is now in remission, 15-month-old Saoirse's battle continues. She's currently in the Children's Hospital in Boston, because she had a reaction to her last chemotherapy treatment.


It's truly astounding how the Fitzgeralds seem to have maintained an optimistic outlook, despite the tragedy that's befallen their family. The parents, who are both no longer working, maintain a blog called New Mom ... New Cancer and have started The Fitzgerald Cancer Fund to help pay their mounting medical bills and living expenses.

Although Saoirse needed surgery to remove tumors and in January will undergo a stem cell transplant, Kezia and Mike say her strength is unwavering and her spirits are high. They've also reported that she's hyper and antsy. She also loves learning, and she's not letting the disease get her down.

In the near future, the baby will need surgery to remove tumors, and in January will undergo a stem cell transplant. In the meantime, the family seems to be taking things one day at a time. You can't help but be impressed and heartbroken all at once by what they've endured and face on a daily basis. Their philosophy is that everything is up from here, and they aim to spend as much time as they can together as a family, laughing and enjoying life every day. With hope, the Fitzgeralds' shared sense of joy, bravery, and strength will bring them the healing they all so deserve.


Image via The Fitzgerald Family

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