The Surprising Food 'The Help' Actress Ate to Gain Weight

jessica chastainWe're always hearing about different fad diets celebs go on to drop a few pounds here and there. You know, like the Dukan Diet or one of the bazillion juice cleanses out there. So I've developed a little soft spot for stars who have to do the opposite and gain weight for roles. Take Jessica Chastain, for example, who had to put on 15 pounds to play Celia Foote in The Help (check out our review of the film).

"I had to be soft and curvy, so I ate a lot of soy," she tells the Daily Mail. "What I would do -- and this is really gross -- is buy cartons of soy ice cream, microwave it, and drink it. It was disgusting, but wait until you see my boobs in the movie!"

Wait wait wait. Soy? To put on the pounds? Aren't there loads of more fun ways to gain weight than drinking liquid soy?


Sure there are. But apparently in Jess's case, this wasn't just about gaining weight -- it was about doing it in a relatively healthy way. She's in the middle of filming a bunch of different movies, so after all was said and done, she needed this weight to come off fast, which is why she chose soy.

Of course, downing a spicy Wendy's chicken sandwich, a Starbucks Venti Frappuccino, a cinnamon bun, and three full sugar smoothies sounds a lot more interesting than guzzling melted soy ice cream. But, well, there are a whole lot of artery cloggers on that list. Chastain's decision to rely on soy in various forms, which has healthier fats and estrogen, gave her the peace of mind that she wasn't priming herself for cardiac arrest. Not to mention, since she's a vegan, her bulk-up food of choice also happened to fit into her regular diet and lifestyle.

No matter how you slice it, dramatic, quick weight gain and loss, or yo-yo dieting, is never really safe. I'm totally guilty of it too. There are weeks where I'm up 5 pounds, and weeks where I'm feeling light as a feather. And even though I'd totally rather eat a pint (or two) of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey than a cup of melted soy ice cream, we all know there's no health benefit in that. Not to mention, as gross as her soytastic journey sounds, it was the right choice. See how amazing she looks in that maroon gown from the premiere? Maybe this is one celebrity crash diet that's actually good for you!

If you could eat anything to gain weight, what would it be?


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