You Shouldn't Quit the Gym for This Dirty Little Fantasy


pole dancingTo me, the most annoying thing about going to the gym is getting there. The prying myself off the couch, the changing, the walking (or driving) -- it's all a big pain in the butt. But once I get there, it's freakin' on. Nothing beats dripping sweat while I'm pumping on the elliptical, tuning the world out with my iPod, and the feeling that I actually accomplished something once I've left. In other words, I think the gym is tops. And I would choose it over gyrating my hips and slithering up and down a nasty stripper's pole any day of the week.

Which is a lot more than I can say for the rest of you dirty birds.

According to the discount website LivingSocial, Americans are more likely to purchase pole-dancing classes than actual gym memberships. Seriously, people? Is this honestly what it's come to?

I'm sure you get an okay workout from the classes -- although judging from friends' accounts of them, the muscle that gets worked the most is the abdomen from laughing so hard -- but is it really better and healthier than a good old-fashioned, no-frills fitness club?

Sure, it's better than doing nothing, I'll give you that, but I just can't understand why someone would opt for a pole-dancing class over a discounted gym membership. Gyms are expensive, and the possibilities at those places are endless! You can walk on the treadmill, you can bounce up and down like a lunatic on the elliptical, you can lift weights, you can use machines -- you can get a brand new workout every day of the week, should you choose! Not to mention the fact that you can look like shit while doing it. You think you can roll into Stripping 101 with raggedy sweats and a lopsided ponytail (secured by a hot pink scrunchie)? You're sorely mistaken. You'll need to find yourself a sexy pair of bootie shorts, lucite heels, and a liquid eyeliner pen that can give you smoky eyes for days. That sounds more exhausting than the class itself.

I've accepted the fact that America's fascination with strippers and all things porn-like isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but, please, can we not look to them as fitness role models? Instead, let's look to them for their tough-as-nails exterior and their hearts of gold.

Would you opt for a pole-dancing class over the gym?


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Kelli... KelliansMom

yes i would it is a fun class and an awesome work out better then just a plan run on the treadmill and lifting will do 

PattySam Ghaffariazar

It could be part of your "Cross Training" routine but never replace the good ol' gym membership! Just wait, it won't be long that gyms will figure out how to incorporate pole dancing into the classes. Remember when the Zumba style craze started in the gyms?

dirti... dirtiekittie

would i? sure, because i don't like the gym. however, i passed on the pole dancing class too and ended up in a bellydance class that starts soon. hooray!

that aside, i think you're missing the point. it's kind of silly to see all this talk about fighting obesity and eating healthy and how to be more active... and then you go and dismiss something that's a work out! just because it doesn't line up with your moral stance doesn't mean it's any less work. have you seen 'flirty girl fitness'? that stuff seems simple, but it works a lot more than just 'your abs from laughing'... (and maybe i'm the only one to think this but... maybe if you think being 'stripper-like' is so funny you should just grow up.)

nonmember avatar mommy2be

Id like to see you (try and) climb a nasty pole and then come back and write a blog about that!! Its not as easy at it looks... it takes a lot of upper body strength and thigh strength to even balance yourself on that thing... and YES i would..

Melis... Melissa042807

Maybe once to do something fun. But not as a replacement for my regular workouts. I do Jazzercise, which is fun and a little sexy and gives my entire body a great workout.

jonellg jonellg

Nope. I'm a runner, never touched a pole and proud. lol

sarap... sarapunkinpie88

Wow. You are very ignorant on the subject.

jagam... jagamama0710

Maybe people already have gym memberships. Or maybe they're more likely to splurge on something silly and fun because it IS discounted. It's not something they would buy at full price.


nonmember avatar MadisonRainne

I am a stripper. I take both pole-dancing and Zumba classes. At the local gym, I do routine fitness training. I am also going to school to be a radiology tech. Just because I climb poles and shake my boobs for a living doesn't mean I'm nasty. I support myself and drive a BMW and recently bought my husband a 2011 Ford F-150 Raptor. I shake my ass, they make it rain. How many of you have guys throwing money at you on a daily basis? Damn, it feels so good!

Melissa Loor

I have a gym membership, a pole at home, and I do belly dance. I am the type that likes to mix it up a bit and let me tell you, I am rocking the belly rolls in belly dance thanks to the cario from the gym and the exercise from the pole.  How about you give pole dancing a shot THEN come back and write about it.  sun

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