New Date Rape Drug Test Could Have Helped Me

smoking cocktailListen up, ladies. You might not think that the recent development of a sensor that can detect date-rape drugs in drinks with 100 percent accuracy is relevant to you. You might just shrug and say, "Well, that's good news for girls who are still in college."

You might be operating under the assumption that once you're past the age of drinking grain alcohol-based punch out of red Solo cups, you don't have to worry about getting roofied anymore.

I hate to tell you this, but you're wrong. Take it from someone who learned the hard way.

Here's what happened to me ...


It's been quite some time since I was at anything resembling a frat party ... okay, fine, I'm 34. And grown-ups don't get roofied! So the last time I even thought about date-rape drugs was probably the last time The Hangover was on cable ... up until a few months ago, that is.

I met some friends at a local bar. It was somebody's birthday, the bar wasn't particularly crowded, and most of the people there were people I knew. I had just finished my first drink when the bartender brought a margarita over to my friend and me. "From him," the bartender said, gesturing at a guy sitting at the other side of the bar.

"Oh, I know him," said my friend, looking over. He wasn't a close pal, but he was a solid acquaintance -- they had work connections; she knew his wife. We split the drink.

That's the last thing either of us remembers. The next thing I knew, it was the next morning and I was (sorry, this is gross) puking up blood in my bathroom. But friends filled in the blanks for us later: Apparently, shortly after we finished the drink, my friend left the bar without telling anyone and walked home, where she promptly collapsed in a puddle of vomit on her living room floor. (She remembers none of that.)

As for me, I blacked out with my head on the bar. (Here's where it gets creepy!) At that point, the guy who sent us the drink came over, picked me up, and tried to carry me outside. Another friend's boyfriend, bless his heart, stopped the guy (he insisted he was just "taking me outside for a cigarette"). "She's unconscious; I don't think she wants a cigarette," argued my friend's boyfriend.

Then my friend and her boyfriend loaded me into their car, drove me home, carried me inside, and put me to bed.

By the next afternoon, my friend who split the drink with me and I were in the Emergency Room. I was severely dehydrated. Unfortunately, by then it was too late to test for any drugs -- the tricky thing about roofies and GHB is that they leave the system very quickly. But there was no doubt in our minds what had happened.

Without getting into details, I can tell you that law enforcement-type people were alerted, and have been working to make sure what happened to us doesn't happen again.

To sum up: Learn from my horrible experience, girls!! It doesn't matter how "mature" you are -- don't take drinks from strangers! Or even sort-of strangers!!

Have you ever been slipped a date-rape drug?


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