When Cigarettes Will Kill You Fastest

no smoking cigarettesAs if we needed more research to tell us that smoking leads to cancer! Nonetheless, researchers are out to prove again that smoking -- specifically, early-morning smoking -- is especially problematic. The study out of the Joshua E. Muscat of Penn State College of Medicine showed that smokers who lit up within 30 minutes of waking up were at a 59 percent higher head and neck cancer risk and 79 percent elevated lung cancer risk compared to those who waited at least an hour.

Oh my goodness. So now, betcha anything there are smokers out there who are going to say, "I'll just try to wait an hour, and I'll be a-okay!" I could see my parents saying that. I've never timed them, but they just might fall within that high-risk group.


As much as it could kill them, it kills me! Or it galls me, rather. I've begged them to quit since I could talk, and now that I'm considering having children in the next few years, I have begun a whole new campaign to make them quit before they become grandparents for the first time. Sure, it may be selfish of me -- I do want their emotional support and presence for my future child(ren)! -- but I know they also want to live and be healthy enough to see their grandkids do some growing up.

But, of course, they can't tell me how in the world getting their smoke on first thing in the a.m., aka "wake 'n' puff" -- which obviously signals a super-scary nicotine dependency -- is going to be a means to that positive end!

This is my own personal situation, of course. I'm sure there are people out there who don't have anything to look forward to, who have said, "To hell with my life!" or who are 90 years old and want their damn smoke before they even put in their dentures. Whatever, to each their own. But no one could POSSIBLY think it's wise or even okay to smoke first thing in the morning ... or hell, ever! While this research is a helpful reminder -- and something I definitely emailed to my parents the minute I saw it -- it's not exactly revolutionary. Extreme addiction is a no-brainer. You're bound to pay a hefty price with your health, probably sooner over later.

What do you think about this study?


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