Don't Be Silly -- Healthy Eating Saves You Money!

produce for saleIn health news that isn't exactly news to most of us, researchers from the University of Washington found that eating healthier is more expensive than eating junk. D'oh! Specfically, eating more U.S. government-recommended nutrients like potassium (which FYI, did you know, it's the "most expensive of the four nutrients" -- stupid bananas!) can add a whole $380 to the average person's yearly food costs. Also, getting dietary fiber, vitamin D, and calcium will make you poorer, while eating more saturated fat and added sugar reduces overall food costs. 

We're not talkin' just Whole Foods shopping here, people. Just everyday, good for you nutrient filled foods ... like, an apple here, a head of romaine there. Sadly, this study ends up sounding nothing short of ridiculous.


It almost sounds as though the takeaway is that people should literally scrap their fresh produce for sugar and saturated fat in order to "reduce food costs." Madness, I tell you.

Granted, these researchers seemed to have good intentions: I believe they were out to prove that the government should look into ways to making healthier food less costly. But then they say, "[The government] emphasizes certain foods without much regard for which ones are more affordable."

HUH? What? So, the government should recommend foods and nutrients based on how AFFORDABLE they are?? If that were the case, the food pyramid would be filled with ramen noodles and 99-cent beef jerky!!

Alright, yes, it's unfortunate that this is the state of things, that healthier food is pricier, but what they're not really saying is that spending more on healthier foods that actually provide recommended nutrients will save most people MORE MONEY in the long-haul! Let's see ... Snickers bar or apple? Doritos or carrots? Soda or H2O? Pick the former again and again over the years, and you're bound to be paying loads of dough sooner or later toward the medical costs associated with cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc.

A Crazy Sexy woman named Kris Carr (you may have seen her on TLC?) is living proof of this. After eating like crap for years, she was diagnosed with cancer. She decided she'd fight her disease the natural way. She went vegan, loaded up on organic fruits and veggies and green juice, and now I bet you anything, her current lifestyle costs her less than her cancer treatment would have! 

The bottom line is that because healthier eating is pricier, we ALL need to budget better and prioritize our food costs. Start thinking of our diets as preventative medicine and not just the stuff we fill up our fridge and our bellies with. How many people would rather scrap organic veggies than give up cable or their smartphone data plan? That's a problem. If it comes down to it, you put healthy food first. It's an investment in your health and well-being, and that's all there is to it.

What do you think about eating healthier being more expensive?

Image via Pamela V. White/Flickr

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