Jennifer Aniston's Exercise Plan Is Even More Insane Than We Thought

jennifer anistonOMG. Stop the presses! We now know another fitness secret of Jennifer Aniston's!! The gorgeous actress we all want to be friends with (no pun intended) not only drinks Smartwater and eats baby food when she's feeling like she needs to slim down. She also has her trainer, Mandy Ingber, with her whenever she's shooting a movie, so Ingber makes sure Jen's up at the booty-crack of dawn 3 a.m. to work out for TWO HOURS! Yup, they do two hours of yoga, followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer or treadmill set at 5.7 mph on a 1.5 incline. 

Oh wow, gee whiz, I would have never thought that's how Jen would maintain her awesome figure. That's brilliance right there! Maybe that's something WE should all do?!



Let's be real. None of us have time, energy, space, money, etc. to do that whole mess Jen has going on. We most likely also don't have any kind of financial incentive to stay as super-svelte and toned as Jen, because no one's watching us on a big or little screen, walk down red carpets, or model for bottled water ads. 

In other words, someone like Jen is living on a totally different plane than most women. Yet for some reason, we think we need to do what she does to have what she has.

We put ourselves through mental torture, thinking we should somehow adopt "secrets of an A-list body" or "weight-loss secrets of the stars." Like it's that simple. But all it is is a SCAM. It's a gimmick to sell magazines. And by buying into it, I think we really end up taking a stressful toll on ourselves.

I'm sure all she wants to do is just answer a journalist's question and get on with promoting Just Go With It or Horrible Bosses or whatever, but I blame Jen, too. Why is she catering to the madness? She should be honest and say, "I have a lot more money and time and reason to devote myself to these kinds of insane workouts and diet than most women. Don't try this at home." Sure, we can learn a thing or two, here and there. Yoga's terrific, or how about martial arts for upper body strength? Great!

But 3 a.m.? For two hours? I'll bet more than 90 percent of American women couldn't do that on a regular basis. And I don't blame 'em. Unless you happen to actually be someone who's beholden to Hollywood's unrealistic standards, why would you push yourself to be?

What do you think about Jen's workout regimen?


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