Stephen Colbert's Talking Penis Silences the Talking Vaginas (VIDEO)

stephen colbert hail to the DIf you don't already LOVE Stephen Colbert, a.) really?! and b.) prepare to have a major crush. In the wake of the Douche-gate 2011 -- in which Summer's Eve feminine hygiene products were marketed with a more-than-vaguely racist, condescending ad campaign, which has just been pulled off of YouTube, hallelujah! -- the faux-conservative talk show host did a pseudo commercial for a MALE hygiene product. The result: Hilarity!

"Howdy from Penis-ylvania!" the "Hail to the D" spot opens, and from there, it just gets better and better. Colbert mocks how the penis, portrayed by his talking finger (much like hand-puppets portrayed vaginas in the Summer's Eve campaign), wants more than just 97 percent of a guy's time!


That's right, he wants "Autumnal Afternoon Pine Fresh Dick Scrub." No cashmere jock strap required -- just some refreshing, rejuvenating, Christmas tree-scented scrub, and maybe, if a guy's on the go, he could try a cucumber cream for his "Ball Mountain," if you know what I mean.   

Too funny!! AND -- what an amazing way to call our attention to a disgusting double standard. Since the dawn of time, basically, women have been told that our genitalia just aren't clean enough. We need it to smell like raindrops or lily pads or what have you. Meanwhile, men get to go around putting their hands in their pants (I'm looking at you, Bruno Mars), and having their junk reeking after work or their workouts, and somehow that's okay. The fact that there isn't even such a thing as a male equivalent to a product like Summer's Eve, like Colbert's fictional "Dick Scrub," SAYS IT ALL. It's ridiculous, and maybe what Colbert's trying to say is that it's time for any of these asinine, sexism-in-a-box products to go away.

Here's the clip if you didn't happen to catch it.

What do you think about Colbert's faux ad?

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