Male Birth Control Would Get Me Pregnant

male birth control pillIf you were to ask guys if they'd be interested in a safe, effective male birth control pill, I'd almost guarantee the answer is "yes." Rumors of the drugs, which either aim to lower sperm count or render sperm "nonfunctional," have been circulating for what seems like forever. But we have good news! Supposedly, the scientific folk at the Washington-based National Institute of Child Health and Human Development are making some headway on the pill for men, and say it's not too far off.

We all know how men work when it comes to birth control. Condoms are, well, condoms, and a vasectomy means big-time ouchers. A pill means efficiency and ease. And even better -- if we're both taking contraception, things would be so carefree and comfortable, and I'd be less of a bi-yatch. Seems like a win-win, right?

I don't know, guys. Even with all the upsides of male birth control on the horizon, I'm still dreading the very thought of it.


Don't get me wrong: I hate taking the pill. I hate how it messes with my system if I forget just one, and even worse, the fact that I've tried a half-dozen or more since my teenage years. But the idea of a man doing the same thing leaves me with a zillion questions and my stomach in knots.

Will he remember to take the pill? Will he lie about taking the pill because he doesn't want to look forgetful? Will he care just as much since he's not the one actually getting pregnant?

I'd like to think we have some sort of built-in reminder system for things like birth control and can help each other to remember to take it. But for men, there has been no such network up until now. The male pill isn't common like fish oil or protein powder. And it won't be a hot locker-room topic at the gym.

But arguably my biggest concern is the risk. Like I said, the idea of a male birth control pill has been around for ages. But only more recently have labs been testing out methods for lowering sperm count. As with any new drug, there are loads of possible long-term effects that have yet to be discovered. What if he can't produce normal healthy sperm when he's off the pill and we want to conceive? I would hate myself forever thinking that my tendencies to forget my birth control every once in a while made us unable to get pregnant at all. Not to mention ... will this make him moody? Will he get PMS? No thank you.

For now, I'm okay with being the one in control. I'm okay with my daily phone alarm, and the comfort of knowing that we're being safe. Just because I feel like he should share my "burden" doesn't mean I want him rushing to be first in line at the pharmacy. Show me the positive test results and prove it's safe, and then we'll see.

What do you think about the male birth control pill? Are you interested?


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