Talking Vaginas Should Shut Up About Douching (VIDEO)

summer's eve hail to the v adsSummer's Eve is back with what's turning out to be their annual "OMG, is this for real?" ad campaign. And you thought it couldn't get any stranger or scarier than last year's "clean your vagina, get a raise" ordeal. Ha! Somehow, it has. Sigh. This time around, the purveyor of feminine hygiene products wants us to "ID the V" and "Hail to the V." We are supposed to do this by imagining our vaginas talking to us (via hand-puppet vulvas) in either a sassy black woman voice, a passive-aggressive white chick voice, or an "ay yi yi!" ranty Latina lady voice. Because, apparently, we can best understand the importance of cleaning our vaginas through targeted stereotypes "relatable, cultural" personification of our ladyparts. Eeek!

This really makes me wonder ... why do the people who market products like Summer's Eve think they have to appeal to women's individuality (or geez, race) at all? Because in reality, we're not interested in "identifying" with our vaginas.


We don't really ever feel the urge to imagine them talking to us, we don't give them names, we don't want to imagine them asking us to be their BFF. Most of us have absolutely no interest in embellishing them, decorating them, or even making cute little designs out of our pubic hair. We're not toddlers who need a whimsical gimmick (like a SpongeBob SquarePants bathtub play set -- ha!) to encourage us to take care of ourselves. 

Just because we don't need it to be like Disney World (or, in this case, "It's a Small World") down there doesn't mean we don't respect or care for our vulvas -- you know, the part of your body you'd actually be treating with these products. (Speaking of which, I agree with Summer's Eve that 70 percent of women not being able to accurately identify their own lady parts is a problem.) In fact, really caring for your feminine hygiene usually means skipping any kind of "especially for your hoo-ha," chemical-laden product -- be that a special wash, wipe, or "pH balanced" tampon (guh) -- which likely increases the risk of vaginal infections by washing away all healthy bacteria. Really respecting your "private" anatomy means just using a little bit of mild soap and warm water on the labia area, and that's it.

If you haven't seen them yet, here are the ridiculous ads:

What do you think about these ads?

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